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What should I do with my blister that doesn’t go away?

I am a 16 year old girl. A little more than three months ago, I went summiting. I developed a blister at the side of my left foot, and it has been there for the longest time. I was told not to pop it and yet it is very uncomfortable for me to walk from time to time. It is quite large, and the outside has a hard layer of skin that tears off little by little as I run or do any cardio. I’ve been avoiding shoes for sometime, and doing other things that was told would hhelp get rid of it. I clean it daily, but it still won’t go away. I’m going to take part in a strenuous hike in three weeks. I need to train but it hurts after my workout. What should I do?
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Have you been to the doctor for it?  Most of the time, you are told not to pop blisters because of the risk of infection when you do it in a non-sterile environment.  Three months is a long time to deal with a blister- so at this point, I'd head into the doctor to have them lance it and they may even give you some cream to speed up the healing.  Feel better soon and good luck with your training!
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