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My type 1 son diagnosed @ age 15. He has been covered for ALL his supplies,  including insulin, through Medicaid, up until he is now at the age of 21-1/2 years old. He works for a minimum wage job and rents with his sibling.
My question is, where does one go to get help getting their insulin for low cost? There is no way he can afford over $500 a month for his insulin and pump supplies.
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Hi there!

I would suggest contacting his doctor’s office if they would have an idea if he would be eligible for any type of insurance or would be eligible to get insulin at a subsidized rate.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I know where you can get discounted pump supplies just e-mail ***@**** and let them know what kind of pump you have.
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I get my insulin for free, just talk to your dr, they should be able to help with the paper work that you have to fill out so he can at least get insulin. You might be able to go on line and print out the paper work fill out your part and have the dr fill out theirs. Good luck!
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I wasn't able to read the e-mail address. This site blocks it out. You could do it like this   (johndoe at comcast *******)
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Thanks, My Dr finally filled out forms for Lilly. Now I just wait until they approve or deny. Next I need to find out about infusion sets for my pump. If I can't get those he'll have to go back to the shot. Then again when he was on the shot's he passed out at work,seized and landed on his head, due to low BS.
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