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My DR. will allow me either premixed insulin70/30 or Lantus + humalog, which best?

Decide insulin preference.
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Hi Jimmy,

Premixed insulin requires you to eat on a fixed schedule, and you cannot easily change your insulin dose.

Separate dosing of Lantus (long acting) and Humalog (short acting) where you inject each insulin separately (also called MDI for multi daily injections) is much more flexible.  You test and adjust your basal insulin (lantus), then you dose your fast acting for each meal based on how much food / carbs/ protein you eat.  You can also use your Humalog to correct for high blood sugars.  Mixed insulin cannot be used to correct high blood sugars.

Strongly suggest you also ask your doctor that you should be trained to use MDI (with corrections and dosing based on carb and protein counting), not "Sliding Scale" where you simply take a fixed dose of insulin at every meal (irrespective of what you eat) and a correction in case you are high.

Thus I am strongly in favour of separate basal and bolus insulin.  Book on this "think like a pancreas', "Using Insulin", Bernstein "Diabetes Solution" - there is also a Utube series called Bernstein Diabetes University that has lectures on how to use insulin and adjust diet.

Wishing you well.

please come back if you have questions.
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Thanks, this is a very good reply, and good advice I think. However,  for a short while in past I tried 70/30 out. I can say it was more simple, less shots, fixed eating was ok. But I did get several lows!
For t1d, mixed insulin is not flexible enough. The shots are probably the least painful part of our management.  

I had 1 very serious low when i was first diagnosed and  put on mixed insulin. Then I educated myself and decided MDI, and I've never looked back. It is so important for us to have good blood sugar control to manage diabetes and prevent complications. I also eat very low carb and follow the teachings of Dr Bernstein. Mybhba1c is usually close to 5.0.  You can find him on utube under Bernstein Diabetes University, if you're interested. Best wishes.
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