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Well, it's Day FIVE and we're glad to be ALIVE!   So .. let's prove it by Seizing the Day and letting it be ALL that it can be!!!  Be ALL that YOU can be!!!

Here are your Motivation and More Links for today.

Motivation Message - This one is about our WILL!!!  How is yours??? -

Games - This is just for fun and has nothing to do with the challenge other than to provide a little relaxation and frivolity around the Thanksgiving theme. http://www.ranaesheart.com/2000/11/thanksgiving-weight-loss-challenge_16.html  Enjoy today's game .. it's so much fun!!!  I got to level 10 .. and yes, that's a challenge .. took me 4 tries!

This is the thread to post daily your participation, your thoughts, your progress, any difficulties or triumphs and to post information, encouragement and motivation to your teammates.

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wow! I loved the motivation today! was awesome! much needed!

And the games it is addictive!
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I agree great motivation and did enjoy the game think im gonna go play again lol!! Still feel struggle with food though as i stated in Trudie's question i need something for burger king withdrawel lol! I did try the south beach wraps i wasnt too sure but so far it really has taken the edge of my hunger. I have not felt full though since counting calories is that normal? should i be trying something else? i am going to get the protein bar 2day see what happens! I do think its something with that since the wraps have 25g of protein and i feel better since eating it. I dont know bout progress yet i dont have scales in my home so i have to wait to weight myself then i ll know if im doing good or bad!!
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May be it is a psychological thing for you to be not feeling full after counting caloires.
How much caloires are you on now? and how much protien? I think initially it wud be hard but you wud get used to it.

Witht he workouts you are getting, um sure you will see great results!
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im sure it is all my brain thinks about it is food its hard to stop it even though i dont give in to it. im getting about 1200 calories which is what i need. Protein im not sure but better today i know with the lunch and im sure when i get protein bars that will really help! yeah thats what im thinking too that its just an adjustment and hopefully i get used to it soon!  i have not weighed myself yet but i did do the tape measure again on my waist since i been messing with the body fat thing and it says i lost an inch! so if thats true then yeah!!
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That's awesome gokuangel! I am sure when you get your protein bars in you shud do just fine! Well...seem to me you are heading in the right direction!

One inch is a really kool!
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