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Do you know the difference between RDA and DRI?

Do you know what RDA and DRI stand for?  Do you know the difference between the two?  Do you know one is more accurate?

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Don't know!
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Hope EVERYONE will take a look at this and it's okay if you don't know.  Hope you will be brave, like Miss Trudie .. and let us know this.  

This is something I did not know until recently ... and it took MUCH research but will affect our Food Diaries.  So .. please shout it out in comment form .. because I forgot to attach a poll .. (sorry ..it was late .. lollll)

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I know the rda is recomended daily allowence but i dont know dri
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You are absolutely Correct!  RDA does stand for Recommended Daily Allowance.  

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RDA is Recommended Daily Allowance and DRI is Dietary Refence intake which can either be RDA or even AI(Adequate intake).  
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i know the RDA and DRI but i don't know what's the difference??
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RDA: it's the food quantaties that are recommended for general as a guide to know if they take enough amount of food per day or no.
DRI: ummm the exact amount of food that should a person takes daily.
or vice versa!
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