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Sunday Weigh In December 6, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  It's still dark here and temp got down lower than we expected last night, but I think it's going to turn out to be a pretty nice day.  

There's not a lot going on in my world... I'm still kind of stuck not being able to do a lot, with my foot in its current condition - still a lot of pain and swelling.  I did go back to the ortho doctor on Tuesday and he conceded that there was something else wrong with the foot.  He speculated that it might be tendonitis, but didn't really say what he thought.  He did, finally, order an MRI, which should have been done weeks ago.  Anyway, I had that done on Wednesday and will see him again Tuesday to get the results.  Indications are that if it's tendonitis, I'll go back into the boot.  I'm not sure if that means I also go back on the scooter or if I'll be able to walk on the boot.  That all remains to be seen.

I have been trying to walk most days, but the pain really gets to be too much by the time I've finished, even 1/4 to 1/2 mile.  My neighbor and I decided to try every other day instead of every day so we took yesterday off and are planning to go in a short while... I'll have to see how it works out.  

Anyway, even not being able to exercise much, when I stepped on the scale earlier in the week, I was down 2 pounds from last week so that's a plus.  Of course, the next day, when my foot was more swollen, I was back up a pound, so it's hard to say.  It's always been normal for me to fluctuate depending on how much fluid I'm retaining, so maybe I should think I'm getting back to my own "normal" - at least the foot swelling does go down a little bit overnight now!!

Anyway, since I can't do the exercise I want/need to do, I'm still trying to watch what I eat... salt and sugar are the 2 things that always cause me to pick up weight, so those are the things I'm trying hardest to limit.  That's the goal for this week - keeping those in check. I'm also trying to come up with some different type of exercise that won't impact my foot so much.

It's time to start getting Christmas cards addressed and in the mail - maybe should already have done so since the mail is so messed up these days.  

I have a calligraphy class this afternoon via Zoom, so there will be some human interaction anyway.  

So that's my state of affairs for right now.  I'm off to get ready for my walk.  

How's everything going for y'all?  I hope you were able to reach whatever goals you set for yourself over the past week.  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Have a wonderful, successful week~~
**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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Glad to hear you're finally getting that MRI. It doesn't sound like tendonitis as much as a torn tendon, but let the MRI be the guide. The doctor should be ashamed of himself for not having done it earlier.

Thanks to the receding shadow of Thanksgiving pies and my determination not to eat sweets, I'm down .9 of a pound. Glad to see it, for a minute there I thought nothing would work. I finally have to acknowledge that I can't eat the way I've mostly been able to get away with my whole life. Anyway, with Christmas coming in less than three weeks, I obviously need to stick to it. If it's not the pies, it's the cookies, and if it's not the cookies, it's Aunt Dorothy's homemade almond roca.

Ugh, Christmas cards. We're not doing badly in having a supply, I've got a bunch from the Museum of Modern Art (i.e., they're pretty). But it's always difficult for us to get that appropriate family photo or set of photos together, laid out, color Xeroxed or however we want to do it, and then ready and in the cards. A couple of years ago we did a photo and a lot of writing, last year we did a nice sheet with photos of all of us and the pets, so maybe this year we can take a bye and just send card sans photo.  

Now that I've got the sugar i.d.'ed as an issue, it's time to face the other side of the coin, exercise. Because of the virus, I've lost so much activity that had the side benefit of keeping me exercised. There's a trainer near us that specializes in strength training, who has what looks like a one-room gym, and seemingly works with just one client at a time. Possibly it would be safe if we mask and keep our distance and also keep the outside doors open. It's been six months, have to do something.

Anyway, that's my week in terms of weight! I'm glad to be down about a pound, and hope to be able to do the same for the next weeks to make a bit of a safety margin for Christmas. Hope everyone has a good week!

I actually had the MRI done last week on Wed.  I go in tomorrow to see the doctor and get the results.  I've done some research and I'd tend to agree with you about the torn tendon vs tendonitis.  If tendonitis gets bad enough, it can actually "blow out" the tendon... I'm afraid this might be what's happened, although I certainly hope not.   What's bothering me now is that whatever is going on has had something like 13 weeks to "heal" into its current position so making it right again might not be as easy as I'd want to believe it is.  I base this on an accident I had years ago in which I pulled tendons/ligaments loose in my right foot.  Because of things I had going on, I was inclined to wait with the surgery, but my doctor at the time, said "the longer we wait, the more things heal into the wrong position and the harder it will be to fix them".  Needless to say, I took his advice and we did surgery within a couple days of the accident.  That ankle has been "right as rain" ever since.    On the other hand, I wondered if I was going to require surgery, they might simply cancel the appointment with this ortho doctor and send me on to a surgeon (this is an orthopedic institute so bones/structure is what they do and they have doctors that specialize in certain things).   I'd like to think they wouldn't waste my, or the doctor's, time with another appointment at which he will do me no good, but from my experience with doctors and the medical community, I should probably know better.  LOL

Awesome for you being down 0.9 lbs.  I suspected the Thanksgiving meal(s) might have been your problem and it seems that was probably the case.  I'm jealous!!  They say, as we get older(and often less active) we need fewer calories.  I know that's true for me.  

Yeah, Christmas cards.  It sounds like you put a lot more thought/effort into yours than I do into some of mine.  There are special people that get notes/letters or "something" put in with the card, others simply get a card with a signature because I don't hear from them throughout the year - the card is simply a reminder that we're still here which is the same reason they send us cards.  :-)

Exercise has always done me as much good as changing my diet (more, after my thyroid took a dump), so that's the key for me.  I spend too much time at the computer exercising my mind and not enough time doing things that exercise my body.   Your idea of a trainer sounds pretty cool if s/he has a studio in which they can work with just one client at a time and disinfects in between.  My insurance  provides a free gym membership that I've not taken advantage of, but have been seriously considering (I live in an "open" state in which businesses are open 100%).   If you decide to do the trainer, keep me posted.  We know that muscle helps burn fat and exercise helps build muscle, so the training would come in handy.  We, also know that muscle is denser than fat, so exercising/building muscle might not bring weight loss right away (a pound is a pound no matter what it's made of) so there's a period in which the way the clothes fit, etc really counts.  

Good luck getting your safety margin for Christmas; you can do it.
Results from the MRI?
Wondering also, Barb.
Ahhh, the MRI - thank you both for asking.  As it turns out, I have 2 more fractures.  One is a stress fracture (typically caused from using the foot too soon, but I didn't until he told me I could...) of the second metatarsal.  The other is at the third metatarsal and he says it's "new" but I don't think it is.  I had to give them the copy of the x-ray report from the ER but I'm positive they (ER) told me that, both, the 3rd and 4th metatarsals were broken, originally.  If that's the case, the doctor would have missed it on the first go 'round and told me everything was healed when it wasn't - unless I managed to rebreak it somehow, which I don't think I did.   There's also a stress reaction (which would eventually become a stress fracture) in the cuboid bone, which is in the arch area.  

I'm back in the air cast/boot for another 6 weeks.  The good thing is that I can walk on the boot this time, so don't have to go back on the scooter though there are times I wonder about that as well.
Man, I'd be wondering about anything the doctor said, at this point. Glad you're back in the boot, though. It didn't sound like things were right. And really glad it wasn't mangled tendons that had healed wrong. That would be worse than a broken bone.
Well, no wonder your foot's been swollen.  I agree with Annie about this Dr.  I really hope another 6 wks in the boot does the trick this time.  
I guess it's unanimous... we're all leery of the doctor.  :-)   I'm planning to give it a bit of time in the boot.  I see my primary doctor on the 23rd (unless they reschedule it again) and I plan to talk to him and see if I need to see a different doctor.  If he thinks I do, he'll give me a referral.

Annie, I was kind of with you - worried that I'd blown out a tendon and it had healed wrong or something.  That would have been an absolute mess so I guess a couple of broken bones is the lessor of the evils.  :-)
You know, if it had been a torn tendon that then healed improperly and needed a lot of fancy fixing, I would seriously consider suing the doctor for malpractice. Even a board complaint would be something. He sounds inept.
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