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To Succeed or NOT to Succeed...that is the ???

Okay, I've been dragging my feet far too long.  I'm sitting here at 9lbs to goal.  My goal date is April 5, and as you know, the last 10lbs can be the toughest to lose.  April 5 is 5 weeks from this past Sunday.  Let's say I wrap it up?!?

That's where you guys come in.  I need your help.  I'm talking about Motivation, PEOPLE!  

MOTIVATION TO SUCCEED: I was thinking of a game kind of like a bet.  If I meet my goal on or before, what should I do to treat myself?  I should tell ya, it CAN'T cost more than 50 cents!  My husband has had his hours cut this winter, so I need to brainstorm inexpensive ways to treat myself.  The wardrobe is taken care of because I was at my goal 2 years ago in April and only stayed there for 8 months.  ONE GREAT REWARD IS GOING TO BE WEARING SOME GREAT SHORTS I ONLY WORE FOR ONE SUMMER.  Can you think of other ways to motivate me?  I'm not good at that...

MOTIVATION NOT TO FAIL: If I DON'T meet my goal ON TIME, what do you guys want me to do?  Make it PAINFUL!  I once had a bet with Skailark that if he lost the bet, I wanted a picture of him posted on his profile IN A TUTU!  Unfortunately, I lost and owed him 100 crunches.  Use your imaginations.  

Also, I have a BEFORE picture showing me when I weighed 210+ pounds.  Would you like to see it soon or once I reach my goal?  

Feel free to make suggestions about the next 4 1/2 weeks, too.  Go ahead, make my day!  I really need to do this.  I think I've been afraid to pour on the gusto because I don't trust myself to maintain my goal weight.  Well, I'm hovering here at 149, so why not hover at 140?  BTW, once I get to 140, my goal is to maintain 137-143.  I plan on staying around here and making YOUR lives miserable, so you can  hold me accountable - or "punish" me with "motivation" on that, too, if you wish.  BRAINSTORM!!!

Come on!  I need you guys to scare the pounds off of me!
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You're kind of like our little "Dear Abby" of ideas on here, huh?  Very good ones...well, NOT the bikini one!!!  I like the warm, fluffy bath towel, bubble bath, body lotion (I have lots from Bath & Body Works), AND fav. nightie (hubby will like this, too - he might just help me reach my goal!!!).

AND, it would just serve you right if I posted a photo of myself in a bikini!!!  I'd be kicked off MH permanently, for sure.  Is that what you want?  You want to steal all my answers?   An extra HOUR at the gym?  OUCH!  You drive a hard bargain, lady!  *stands while typing*

BTW, there IS a photo of me at my goal weight on my profile page.  It isn't on the front page, you have to go into my photos.  I'm wearing white pants and a brown top and it says something about me being at my goal weight...

Thanks for the ideas.  I really asked for this, didn't I?  What was I thinking?
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PARTY!  I had an idea!!!  It could be a virtual party with all of you guys.  You could sign up for what you're bringing - and it wouldn't cost a dime!  We could do a live chat party!!!  Wouldn't that be fun?  We could make it work.  Like an open house, just drop in when you can.  Of course, bring me lots of gifts!

Oh, but how devious you are!  A real party and weighing in front of everybody?  You first!!!  No, these are exactly the kinds of ideas I asked for and you guys are delivering.  

I think I will throw the huge party if I can keep my weight off for...2 years...or should I make that 3?  THAT'S my real goal, being able to KEEP my weight off.

You guys ROCK!  Thanks for these great ideas!
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Maybe tan in a bottle???

Do you have itunes?  On thing I do is listen to the Dance radio stations (they're free if you have itunes), or the techno stations and pretend I'm in an early 90s aerobic video....or pretend I'm Jane Fonda.  So that may help you burn a few extra calories a day....or maybe you could reward yourself with some new tunes that will motivate you to keep working out (a new song to work out to!)

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Ok Twehner you inspired me LOL! I did not finish my workout earlier so just a bit ago i got off my duff and did the other part of what i did not finish!! I dragged you too so im hope your sweating as much as me right now LOL!! I did the biggest loser bootcamp OMG feel like some1 socked me in the gut but good work out lol!!
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NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!  You've got everyone putting on their thinking caps AND getting up to move!!  (Way to go guku).  Now, let me see if *I* can get some motivation from all this.  After all, we can't let YOU be the only one to benefit from our good ideas.  lol

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I like the way you think, Girl!  That's a reward worth working for.  I LOVE music.  I will put myself on YouTube and you guys can see me - JK, JK, JK!!!!!
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