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Applying for license dog to be licensed as therapy for me.

I live in So. Alabama, I am trying to get info on getting my dog licensed so I can take her with me into places that demand animals be licensed before entering.  
She is my therapy dog, as in, she knows before I do when I'm about to have an anxiety attack (which are for me, quite hideous) or when I'm about to go suicidal. The Cymbalta helps control the suicidal tendencies, but the other sometimes comes on without warning.
She warns me and then keeps me still until it passes.  If one is about to happen, she won't let me leave home until it has passed.
She has saved my life at least 100 times since my emotional problems started (I had a clinical complete emotional/nervous breakdown) 2-1/2 years ago. She also knows when my blood sugar drops low enough to be dangerous (hypoglycemic). (sp?).  
So does anyone know how I can find out about getting her licensed so I can take her with me?  There've been alot times that while in a store the attacks happened and she could've helped me prepare for them.  
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I don't know how this can be done, but I too would love to know the answer.  One of my dogs sticks to me like glue when I'm about to pass out; she knows about 30 minutes before it happens.  It has made it possible for me to take much longer walks without worrying about passing out in the middle of the street or dropping the dog leashes and losing them when I pass out.  I'd love to take her to stores, etc. in order to gauge when I've done enough.
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Try one of these organizations. They may be able to help or at least point you in the right direction:

Delta Society, Therapy Dogs International, or Therapy Dogs Incorporated
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I'm sorry...being a Brit, I can't help you with info., but I would just like to say your dog is an absolute GUARDIAN ANGEL! Reading this actually brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful dog you have!
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Amazing dog! That is definitely grounds for licencing. Sorry I dont know more about it. Also Im in Canada so it doesnt help anyway.
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Hi, My dog Kobuk was my therapy dog, I suffer from depression and anxiety.  I had my doctor write a letter and a friend had an extra "jacket" that said service dog and a space for the letter go in it.  I can even fly with him by me on the plane.  He is 14 now and is cataracts but he still barks if I'm talking too long so someone and he knows that I'm starting to get anxious.  Hope this helps.
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Thank you. The dog in the profile pic is the one I'm referring to. She is also a pound puppy which when she chose us, we got her a day or two before they were going to put her down (she'd been there too long-3-1/2 mos.).
She has my heart.
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