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Bad smell and panting

My little jack russle (shirl) 6 weeks ago gave birth to 7 puppies 5 boy's 2 girl's.
Yesterday a bad smell from her back end became unbearable through out the night also she was panting, her belly was very hot and red,she has done so well feeding her babies but has lost interest a little over the last 2/3 days,she isn't constipated, and is eating a little less than of late, could any one advise me as to what maybe wrong with her please.
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You MUST get her to a vet -NOW.
It sounds as if she has got an acute infection. She will probably need to be spayed, and will need antibiotics. It is likely she will be hospitalized for a day or so, to monitor her, and she may need IV fluids as well.
You will have to hand feed those pups, most likely. And you will need formula and advice from your vet.
But please don't waste one minute -take her to the vet right now.
I hope she will be just fine, and good luck.
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Agree, get her tot he Vet ASAP.  She may have pyometra and needs to be treated.  And, yes, those puppies can get very ill.  If you don't know how to tube feed, pull them off her and get a puppy kit with a bottle and nipple for newborns and start giving them canned goat's milk.  Yes, hope she will be okay. This is a possible/probably emergent situation.  
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If you insist on breeding your dog, you should be ready for emergencies, which this is.  Why are you waiting, take her to a vet NOW.
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Please, if you get the chance -do post back, because I would love to know how things went, with your girl, and with her puppies too.
Also, my dog had an emergency spaying last year, so I know a little about it. I might be some use to you.
I hope all is well.
Good luck.
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