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Bald patches on dog's body

Hi guys!

Recently, I noticed that there are some bald patches on my dogs body. To add on to that, he has also been scratching his armpit area with his legs.

I have uploaded some images to allow better visualization of my dog's condition.
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Any of you guys have any idea what seems to be the problem?
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I don't know for sure. But it might be either a yeast problem, or maybe insects in grass have got to him?
It's also possible it may be mange, although in your picture his problem doesn't look quite as bad as some pictures of dogs with mange.
There's some info. here about mange :

Dogs with mange can sometimes have a musty odour. If you are unsure, take him to the vet for a skin scraping test. He may need a subcutaneus injection plus a medicated shampoo.

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Hard to tell.  Could be mange, food allergy, contact dermatitis, yeast.....
Skin problems are some of the hardest things to deal with and figure out sometimes.  Have you changed food or bedding?  Sprayed the yards?  
If you are feeding a food with corn, try a food without grains, switch over gradually.  You can try adding some Omega 3 daily.
Ginger is correct.  Your best bet would be to go to the Vet and get an exam and a possible skin scraping done.
Good luck and please come back to update.
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I agree w/the others....Before it gets out of hand (Whatever it is), head to your Vet for a simple skin scrape.....It's the easiest way to determine what this might be & not have to guess.....Let us know......
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