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After an ear infection the vet prescribed pregnisone. When I told him Tyler was taking Rimadyl. He asked when Tyler had his last last dose. I told him this morning. So he said wait till tomorrow to start the steroid.Tyler was on the pregnisone 7 days and started throw up. I took Tyler to another vet. But when I started walking Tyler into the vet office his back legs became paralyzed. The next day I took Tyler to the Texas A&M University Vet school. But there was nothing they could do. Later I read that you should wait at least 7 days to get the Rimadyl out of a dog’s system before giving him Pregnisone. Can not waiting the 7 days caused side effects that led to his death?
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Hi, my condolences on the loss of Tyler. It is never easy to lose a loved one.

Pregnisone is not a familiar name to me. Do you mean prednisone?

Although it is contra-indicated to use prednisone at the same time as Rimadyl, it doesn't sound like the problem from doing so would be paralyzed back legs, it would be stomach irritation or ulceration, altered kidney function, or inappropriate bleeding. That suggests the throwing up could have been from the two drugs interacting, but it seems less likely the paralysis was. How old was Tyler? What kind of dog? What kind of health history?

Did you discuss why Tyler's problem might have occurred with the Texas A&M people? They would be best qualified to tell you if there was even the remotest chance that the two drugs in combination could produce such a dire result as paralyzed back legs.

Again, I'm sorry about the loss of your beloved pet.
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Tyler was 8 years 7 months old. He’s a Labrador Retriever. And yes I meant prednisone. Thank you for your condolences. Yes it is extremely hard for me. My life revolved around Tyler and he brought me such joy. Everyone loved Tyler. He was so sweet and loving. I miss him so terribly. His loss was so sudden and so painful. I love him more than I can say. I wish I had gotten an autopsy. I just want to know what happen. And I can’t stop feeling I let him down. Thank you for your answer.
You didn't let him down. You took him to the vet for his health, and then to another vet, and then even to Texas A&M. This is you doing your best, not letting him down. That's all anyone can do, their best. And frankly, I believe we all go when it's our time, no matter if we're younger or older, and unfortunately, no matter if those who love us are ready. Tyler will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, and you'll both be so happy again.

Please try to make room in your heart for loving another dog some day in the future when the loss of Tyler is not so acute. It will not replace him, but there are so many wonderful dogs, and some don't have homes or a chance. It would be the best way to honor Tyler, and to help mend your heart.

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