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Home Remedies for Demodectic Mange for English Bulldogs


I have a 7 month-old English Bulldog and he has had Demodectic Mange for almost a month now. He's medicated, but it's not getting better. I was wondering, what are some home remedies for this type of mange? He hates his medication and even with a higher dose it doesn't seem to be working. I heard that olive oil was good... Anything else?

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Welcome--We need more information! What medication are you using? Is it oral or injectable? How long has he been on it? Was a skin scraping done to determine this Mite? It's very hard to see this mite on a slide! Are you sure it's not sarcoptic mange? Does it itch?????

You CAN use natural oils on the spots, but Normally, Demodectic is an Immune system problem! This guy must NOT be healthy!!!!

A good multi-vitamin, greens, antioxidants & EXCELLENT food will solve the problem!  What are you feeding this guy?  Karla
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It's an oral med and he's been on it for almost a month. A scraping was done and no, he doesn't seem to be itching. I know his immune system is weak, he had parvo virus almost two months ago. Which greens do you recommend?
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He eats premium grain free food.
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