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Maltese died suddenly

The family dog was taken to the groomers this morning. He was 12 I think. When my family picked him up, they said he had died probably of a heart attack, but that they didnt know.
I have bathed and groomed this dog multiple times in my life, and one thing I know for sure, he cannot get water in his nose or mouth while I spray water on his head. If I do, he coughs up a storm and sounds like he is having asthma attacks, and his whole body heaves and his chest goes in and out like a balloon.
We were handed back his body. Now I would like to know if it is at all possible that they unknowingly sprayed him in the nose/mouth and he couldnt breathe and that they drowned him.
I know, what a question. But I am trying to figure things out here!
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Oh no!  I am so sorry for your loss.  What a nightmare.  I would definitely ask my vet about a necropsy and then consult an attorney if he drowned.  Not only so you get compensated for going through this, but that groomer should be shut down.
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Because it could most certainly have looked and seemed like he was having a heart attack, if they unknowingly sprayed water at his nose and mouth.
In that instance, he needs to get away from the water quickly so he can breathe---- or he would be liable to die or something!!!
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