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My dog got 17 for GGT in the blood test. What could be the reasons?

I got a ten years old dog and she is not eating or drinking normally these days. I took her to a vet and did a blood test. The result showing that her GGT is 17 and it should be within 0 - 14. Her protein and cholesterol levels are a little bit high and everything else is normal. My vet said it's ok but I am still worried.
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Hi. There are many reasons why gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) might be elevated. The most likely is a problem with bile ducts in the liver. Corticosteroid medications can also raise GGT levels, as can drugs given to control epilepsy (phenobarbital), so I am assuming your dog is not on any of these. Your vet should be undertaking further tests to rule out any problems with the liver first ... if they have chosen not to do this, then you should ask why? And if they don't give you a very good answer, change your vet.

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