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Prices going up!!! Anyone know of HEALTHY cheap puppy food?

Prices are going up and my wallet seams to be shrinking. I have to buy fairly expensive food for my 3 yr old boxer Maverick because of his allergies. Now that I have a puppy I have to buy seperate food for him as well. We think he is a White German shepherd husky mix, not positive but we do know that he is a large breed. Mavericks food cost $45 for a 35 pound bag. For Da Vinci my puppy I bought the 20 pound bag of Purina Large Breed Puppy formula for $18. The first ingredient in that bag was chicken. I saw another 20 pound bag of Purina Puppy food for $10.99 however the first three ingredients were wheat meal something.... and chicken by product. Anyone know of an inexpensive brand that would be healthy food for my puppy, I want him to grow big, strong, and healthy without going broke. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Well...I know of a very healthy puppy food...my vet said its the best...called Canidae....I find it in our locals "Mounds Petfood Warehouse" store...dont know if you have one near you....Price might not be as low as you want, but I know its a very healthy food. I was going to put our puppy on Iams..or Eucanaba...but the rescue place we got her had started her on this Canadae..which I had never heard of before....I asked my vet..and when they said it was a great food...I just kept her on it.
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i would recomend diamond which you can get at feed stores for a 40 lb its 24$- it has no by products- the first 5 ingredients in the food is the main ingredients try to get something without corn and byproducts- this is the cheapest i found for good quality dog food-try also feeding your dogs missing link and veggies like cooked sweat potatoes and brown rice, apples with penut butter exct just make a big batch of it  or feed that mixed with their dog food, the pupy needs large breed puppy of course till its 2 yrs old-if your boxer is very energetic then he can be fed that too it wont hurt him-its more fattening more protein as long as he gets alot of excersize...good luck
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I'm no help, b/c I pay about $100 a week for dog food with my big boys.

Quality food is an investment well returned in better overall health for your dogs.

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I also feed Diamond Lamb & rice.  I don't feed puppy food to any of my pups, normally they add too much protein which is not good for my breed (causes fast growth)  So I feed the Diamond or Exceed from Sam's club.  I have tried many different very expensive foods and my dogs all (5) do very well on these 2.  The Diamond might even be good for your allergy guy it has no corn or wheat and is lamb based.
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Our golden retriever has been on Canidae Life Stages since about 9 weeks old.  He is almost 2, is very healthy and his coat is soft and shiny.  I can't remember exactly, but I think it's about $36 - $38 for 40#.  He is 85# and has about 3 1/2 cups per day; seems to last about 6 weeks.  This is a great food (we used Science Diet in the past) and is good for all ages, pups to seniors.

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