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Sick Dog? Or just is he just depressed?

I have 2 pitbulls, a senior dog around 15 and an 8 year old both males. My senior dog recently started to have health problems. His jaw just completely dropped down and he can no longer control it. I took him to the vet and they put him on antibiotics. There he was diagnosed with a  heart murmur. While I understand I may have to put my senior dog down soon, My real question is My 8 year old has become depressed and kind of lethargic, he doesn't eat much and i'm worried.This started about 2 weeks ago, at first he was puking that kind of subsided. Now he just doesn't was to do anything and his personality has really changed. Could it be a health problem or do you think he is just depressed about the senior dog?  
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Thank you so much Kimberly. I think I will have xrays taken of his stomach first to see if thats why he is not eating. Thanks again for the advice.
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I first off just want to say i am sorry to hear of your senior dog. it mist be hard going through this with two dogs at once. as for the other dog it maybe stress but I would still get him checked out by a vet just to be on the safe side.

Do you think he could have ate something he shouldnt have? It sounds like it could be something he ate as well. I would hate for you to have to go through losing both your dogs. So please get the other one checked just in case.

Goodluck, I am praying for you and your dogs.

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