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Very Sick Vizsla!

I have a wonderful 3 and 1/2 year old Hungarian Vizsla. My dog began vomiting 3 days ago, we took him to the Vet yesterday. They completed x-rays, blood work, and a urine sample. The results were this:
Fluid build-up in the abdomen
Severe Dehydration
Protein in urine- indicating kidney disease

We have been pushing fluids for 24 hours- he has received IV anti-biotics- however when he drinks water, he will vomit within 2-3 hours. He remains very lethargic and refuses any food (which I would like to hide additional oral anti-biotics in)

Any assistance or suggestions would be great! We love him and are so worried!
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We need more information....What were the results of the bloodwork? Do you have a copy to read? Did they indicate Kidney problems, too?

What does this guy eat? Including treats? Names please...

Does your guy get free roam on any property? Any ponds or water sources around?

Do you live in a tick area where tick disease is possible?

What antibiotic is he on?

In such a young dog, it's normally acute failure and can be reversed if you find out whats causing it......Again, your blood work should tell more.....

Thanks, Karla
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Karla is more knowledgable on the kidney issues than I am.
I do know they can get intestinal problems and nausea.  Did the Vet give anything for nausea, even Pepcid?
I think you have to watch low potassium and they need a special diet low in protein and salt.  
No indication of heart or liver problems?
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Yes his blood work showed the following:
ALP 169
BUN 38
CA 12.9
CRE 1.8
GLU 144
NA+ 134
K+ 3.0
TP 9.0
GLOB 5.3

Took him to the Vet again today they pushed more IV fluids and a dose of ampicillin. Retested blood work, they did not send me with results but the above came back normal with the exception of ALP and CAL (90% these were the categories). His stomach has decreased in swelling. He has no temperature and has not throughout this ordeal. He was given an IV push of Cerenia yesterday but not today. He will not eat ANYTHING! Treats are sniffed and then avoided. (last time he ate was Thursday) He will drink water and can hold it down for approx. 2-3 hours and then vomits. Vet today indicated a swollen spleen on his x-ray. Urine lab sent out for dx- due back on Tues/Wed. We do frequent dog parks and open hunting ground. Dog is an avid swimmer. Was not given the vaccine for Lepto but did receive the vaccine for Lyme. We also have a Weimeraner in our home who is healthy- no sx at all.
Normal Diet is Purina (Green bag) and Pedigree (Yellow bag) All the adult formula variety. He was recently given 2 bags of dog treats for Hannakuh - the bacon and chicken variety- Shep brand. Again- the Weim eats same food and treats but has no symptoms.

A little more info- he was extremely jaundice yesterday- to include his teeth but today he was back to his sparkly whites. Following his antibiotic push today he was the most energetic we have seen him. He returned home and drank some water only to vomit it up after 3 hours. We offered boiled hamburger and rice at the direction of the vet and he would actively avoid it- walk away from the bowl and hide. He is now sleeping and looks so sad

Anything we can do????
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Start here:



I don't recognize the treats, but if this started about the same time, you need to thoroughly check them out....

Is his WBC (White Blood Count) elevated, showing infection? Why the antibiotics?

I would ask your Vet about Lepto & see if there have been any cases in your area since your dog is exposed to water....Yes, I looked it up...There have been 14 cases documented in Iowa....There's probably many more, just owners didn't want to test, so it goes unreported....Starting the antibiotic for it could not hurt.....Also, same antibiotic will cover tick diseases.....

Also, ask about getting Cerenia (Oral) to give daily at home....Pack will have 4 days worth.....Once you get the nausea under control, he should want to eat....Offer other fresh foods like chicken and sweet potatoes......Karla

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P.S. I assume the xrays showed NO blockage anywhere? Such as something lodged in intestines or stomach?   Thanks
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No blockages and I just gave him an oral cerenia - we have clavamox for the oral anti biotic but no orders for beginning the medication regimen. I don't have his WBC numbers. Antibiotic given to treat symptoms since there is no clear dx....
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OMG! I thought these were reputable dog food companies!!!!
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Clavamox can also kill off the good bacteria in he gut and can cause nausea, usually given with food.  Dud the Vet mention possibly giving some probiotics?

As for the drinking and vomiting, sometimes drinking too fast and too much will cause them to vomit.  I had a Sheltie that did this.  I also had another Sheltie that vomited after drinking water but he had MD so I always had his bowls raised.
If you don't use raised bowls, you may want to try that and ration the amount if water in the bowl.  Actually, if you measure it, you will have a good idea hiw much he is consuming.  I assume Megaesophogus and pancreas problems have been ruled out?

Ok, you are not feeding the best of foods ( and Karla is probably going to jump on me)   :-). you might pick up a small bag of Pro Plan Salmon for sensitive stomachs and try that and I would still try adding the canned green tripe.
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How many extras did your dog share in on Thanksgiving?  The jaundice has me wondering about pancreatitis and I don't see amylase or lipase in the labs.  
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Recipe for pets that won't or can't eat:

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Unfortunately, I let them overindulge on Thanksgiving- approx. 4-5 oz of turkey/ham and a deviled egg, plus whatever the kids could sneak them
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Ouch. That's pretty classic for acute pancreatitis.  Sudden intakes of fat (pork is always a bad one) tend to cause it in dogs.  Call your vet and ask him to run labs for pancreatitis.  I'm kind of surprised he hasn't done it already because most vet clinics see a rash of pancreatitis after a big eating holiday.  He may have done the labs but it was too early to see a rise in amylase and lipase.  Kidney labs can go wonky too with pancreatitis and vice versa, so it's definitely a question that needs to be answered.

I really hope that's not it, but it sounds too suspicious to me.  It's an EXTREMELY painful condition that can be fatal, and if your dog has it, will need lots of supportive care and pain meds.  Please don't wait on this and call your vet.  
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There isn't enough of the Blood test to show Amylase values....It appears that your Vet only did a Half test/pre-anthesetic test which doesn't show a complete profile.... The Liver enzymes are also elevated which made me lean towards poisoning of a sort....However, If this ALL started after the Thanksgiving Meal, then Jaybay is spot on!  Please, Let us know......I've got my fingers crossed, Karla
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That's why I asked about pancreas too.  Surprised that wasn't checked.
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I have just been waiting for the vet to check in. He went 24 hours with no vomiting so we began to syringe feed him. Now the vomiting has returned. This has been such an awful week. Thank you everyone who has contributed.
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He died in his sleep tonight.....
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Hello Cheyl..I'm so very sorry for your loss.....I sure wish we could have helped you further.....I suppose it was not meant to be! Did your Vet have any ideas?
Thank you for taking care of this guy so well! He was very lucky to have you and I know he will be missed.....
My condolences to you and your family..... Karla
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Oh, I am so sorry to read this. You certainly tried your best,
Hugs to you.
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OMG!  I am so sorry to hear this terrible news.  Sending hugs your way.  :-(
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The Vet is concerned about Max having something contagious- (Lepto test came back negative) now my boyfriend has similar symptoms. We requested an autopsy to determine cause of death- our vet even offered to pay the $400 fee.... Will know results by next week. Thanks everyone for your support.
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Really???  What are his symptoms??  

There is a new virus being reported, Circovirus, but don't know that might be contagious to humans.

Nice of your Vet to do that.

Please keep us updated.  You have been through enough.  Hope that is not the case.
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Oh MY!!!!  As you probably know, Lepto IS contagious, but I honestly can't think of anything else that is, other than some parasites.....

I have a healthy dog, that out of the blue was close to death in a few short days.....Happened first week of August....Kidney Failure topped the list, among many other things! Your dog reminded me of her! Including the bloodwork....My first Vet did not make the diagnoses. We had already waited 4 days & I knew she was dying.....My second one (Holistic & miles away) did....Since the lepto tests would take a week or longer, as a precaution, my Vet put all my dogs on Doxy & I had to see a MD & start it, too!

Sure enough, He was right! Ginger, (Poodle mix)  ended up with 4 strains of Lepto. Two ARE covered in the vaccine & 2 were NOT!!!! One strain is not even registered in the US!!!  This is an indoor dog that takes walks daily, out at our local small community golfcourse! She has done this her whole life!  Very scarey stuff!!!

Again, I know your heartbroken & now, more worry on top of that.....I will be praying for you and your boyfriend.....I also will be following this thread for any updates.....Please let us know when you can & thank you for any information.....Sincerely, Karla

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Yes, Margot...I forgot about the new virus....That makes sense....I've looked it up once, but really forgot what it said...Will go look again.....I believe it has only been diagnosed in very few (Maybe 2-3) states......Goodness....Karla
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I need to check for updates on that.  I think it resembles more parvo symptoms but I need to check again too. Last I saw a map, think it was in more states.  Problem, when things like this pop up, you can only hope your Vet knows about it or might nit even suspect it.

When you are actively involved in showing dogs, word about anything gets around quickly as these dogs are often shown all over the US, shipped in, shipped out, etc.  

When I was doing Greyhound rescue that virus broke out in a Greyhound kennel and spread as these dogs can be moved around a lot too!!  Scary.  They even stopped all transporting to rescue groups for a while.

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