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Why did my dog die suddenly??

I just lost my beloved pitbull "Riley" on Saturday on a nice warm day. I left to attend a lunch and he was fine. When I returned, he died with his tongue wedged in btw his teeth, purple and his guns white. There was no vomiting or diarrhea, but it was a wet spot next to him which might have been pee. I took my dogs, 4 in all, to the beta regularly. I'm am so devastated by this and was planning his 2yo bday in July. He was such a meek and loving dog. I feel I failed him and I'm crying every night. I can't bear his de-ath. I later found out that the food they've been on for year's was recalled "Diamond" and now I'm just searching for answers. My Riley poo was perfectly healthy and all of a sudden he just died. A neighbor said he was just crying all morning. I'm just trying to put the puzzle together? Please tell me how I could have saved him? Why did he die!?? :'(
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I am so sorry for your loss. Sadly, it is impossible to say why Riley may have died. From the dreadful picture you described, it could be he had a seizure or possibly a heart attack. This may have been a genetic underlying fault that was just waiting to happen, or there could have been another undetermined cause - it is impossible to say. The 'wet spot' probably occurred at or just after death, as bladder control is then lost.

Give your remaining dogs lots of cuddles. They will no doubt be missing Riley too. Again, I am so sorry this happened. Run free Riley. You were a fantastic dog and lived a full but all too short a life. Tony
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Thank you so much. I appreciate it truly. Last night I dreamed that Riley had pulmonary edema and that I had the chance to save him by draining the fluid off his lungs. It was so real. I woke up and realized it was only a dream. I wish I could have saved him. I would have given CPR and everything. It's a shame that there's no ems for animals, but then people might deem me crazy for expecting such drastic measures for a dog. What might be a possible Miracle beneath this heartache is that Riley might have a new litter with his beloved Nina on the way. We are anxiously waiting and hoping that it might be so. Riley is in heaven with my beloved Max and trixy. I thank you again for the encouragement.
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I wish I could post their pictures. Can you tell me how?
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Hi. Dreaming of a dog that has passed is not unusual. It's happened to me many many times. It's a symptom of grieving - and of how much the hurt of such loss can truly be. Our clever unconscious brain makes us feel better by giving us what we want - sadly, reality can be quite shocking when we wake up. It would be wonderful if Nina has pups from Riley. Do let me know once you have some news on this. In the meantime, I would love to see some pics. If you go to your Profile page, then in the Photos block you will see 'Upload A Photo' ... just follow the instructions from then onwards. Tony
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Poor Riley, may he RIP.  How terrible to find him like that!  So sorry to hear this story.
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My Boy Rocky was just over 4 years old and on june 21st at 6 pm he walked up past me into the shop and my friend standing next to me said whats wron with Rocky and i looked he had fell on the floor and his legs went out stiff he cried loud and stop breathing i beged him not to go and gave him cpr i kept cpr up fpr a while i could not save him. I still cry for him i wish he was here with me he was with me always my best friend he loved everyone and anyone he met just loved him. I have a hard time dealing with it and when someone brings him up i cry can't help it i love that boy so much i would put my life on the line for him any day. I had him cremated the next day and i still have no idea why he died he had no health trouble at all very strong full of life beautiful boy .
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It has been a long time since I've been online. Nina was not with pups this time, making me grow more attached to the one puppy my BFF has from Riley. He looks just like him and it's nice to see a part of him still.
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I am so sorryfor your loss. I know exactly how you feel. I am a dog fanatic, and it's so hard to not have my Riley especially during the summer when I had planned to take him swimming and such. Cry as much as you need to; you are human. Dogs, animals period, are so precious. I just developed some of the photos of the dogs last summer and it just breaks my heart knowing I will never know how he died. It almost makes me never want to own another pet because I feel as though I can't protect them. I pray you find comfort and peace in the memories of Rocky and know that he loved you just as much as you did him. Every wag, every slobbery kiss was his way of showing you you meant the world to him. You did all that you could.
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So sorry for your loss:(
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My dog Frisco died 2 days ago randomly. we brought a cat home just 3 days before he died , and he was what seemed like pouty and he was moving slowly all of the sudden. He died by his food bowl and a wet spot by him. I didn't know but my sister came in all of the sudden and seemed sad and said "Frisco is dead." I thought she was joking because he was moving slow and sometimes since i got my kitten laying in one spot for hours. and I came out. My Mom was in tears and so was my brother. My dad was at work painting and my sister was quiet on my couch laying there. We put him in his bed with a blanket and later that evening we buried him. We were all super shocked because he showed no high or low temperatures and was fine but died. He was a loving dog and I had him all my life and I'm only 11 and I wish it was me. I had to bury him. I want him back so bad. As a puppy he would fetch balls and be super energetic and happy. I wish it hadn't happened I have 2 kittens and 1 more dog that I've had since like i was 6 - 7 and he was given to us. One day it will happen to them too sadly. :( but Frisco was so nice and soft probably my best dog. I am tearing up just writing this. I loved him so much and I want him back. <3 Frisco R.I.P I loved you. Well That's my story guys. Happened so fast and I miss him so much <3.
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