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failing kidney

My dog has moderate kidney failure. I have tried the Royal canin food and the Purina renal diet. She does not like or eat these foods. What are some simple diets that I can make for her? She ( Molly Ann) is 27 lbs and a Beagle.
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Hi. When you say moderate, do you know the stage (1 to 4) of kidney disease? Do you know what caused the kidney disease? How old is your dog? Do you have recent blood and urine sample test results at hand to post?

My enquiries are so I can offer some help. Kidney disease is a very complex condition and different blood results and staging of the disease involve different diet requirements. It would also be helpful if you could let me know whether you are using any supplements or medications for her. And please let me know whether she has had a blood pressure check since being diagnosed.

Finally, you may want to join our special group for owners with dogs that have kidney disease here on MedHelp. Just use MedHelp's search bar to look up CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE IN DOGS User Group, become a member and then post into the group's page. There are over 100 members there all with experience and knowledge. I administrate the group.


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