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Constant nasal congestion

I have had constant nasal congestion and nasal drip the the past five years. After my first pregnancy I developed an allergy to cats. We got rid of our cats 2 yrs ago. We have hardwood floors and new furniture and there is no relief. I have boxes of Kleenex everywhere and sleep very little because I cannot sleep. Allergist has put me on all sorts of combos of meds. I saw an ENT who said everything looks good. I do the saline nasal cleanse, Zyrtec twice a day and two nasal sprays twice a day. No relief. I've been on vacation out of state and out of country and still no relief. On a good day I only blow my nose twenty times. On a bad day it's like 20x an hour. I only have relief when put on steroids and its only durinng the course of treatment. I also had relief when I was in Maryland. I was there for two weeks. I need help because lack of sleep makes me very cranky.
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Just record keeping first, you profile show you as a male.

Now to the part I can't answer, but can sympathize with, congestion. It sounds like your problem is both congestion an drip, right?  I have just congestion myself, but enough to interfere with my sleep.

From a first reading the I note with specific interest the following.

Nasal spray twice a day - what type?  Afirin and that type can not be used every day, they can cause a worsening of the condition.

Saline spray, I use that and also use a netipot irrigation.  Here I note only to not use tap water for the irrigation - I used distilled water.  These two use together have not solved my congestion, but I think they have help some.

Steroids never cure, I believe.

Maryland, this looks like a real lead.  Were you near the sea? What was different?  What time of year?  If you were inside a lot, then what kine of heat, cooling, furnishings, and so on... look for a reason you were better.

You have had  more medical attention than I, I have only discussed my condition with my primary care who prescribed a nasal spray that I can use twice a day (every 12 hours) but it helps only a little.  In my case my problem is clearly sinus swelling related, and isn't much of a problem when I am up, sitting or standing, standing/walking most relief for me.  Does you physical activity have any affect?  Back to Maryland, were you more physically active while there?
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