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Having bad smell from nose after a month of Sinus surgery

I am 24 year old female, and I had my sinus surgery a month ago . The doctor told I had some extra glands inside my nose which he removed. (I don't know the exact word for that, maybe Polyps ) .

Within these 30 days i feel much congestion and post nasal drip, and the mucus is now more greenish and thick and also giving bad smell. There are snots inside my nostrils that are really hard to remove . I daily wash my nose with salt water and saline spray as well. I am having fever from last 4 days and it is not getting better. Sometimes 4,5 Water drops from nostrils also drip while I lean my head downward.

Please tell me if all this is normal and part of healing process or something to worry about??
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The saline treatment you are using will not reach up to the upper sinuses, where the infection appears to be, because of gravity. This technique uses gravity instead of fighting it.


Make sure you boil the water and cool it before adding salt. Check with your doctor first, because I don't know how long after surgery you have to wait before this technique will be safe.
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thanks for the answer, its really helpful
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