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Naegleria fowleri in Kentucky

I went swimming yesterday in a pool chlorinated two days before I swam. The temperature of the air was moderate, like room temperature. The water felt like a cold shower, but I fear that the conditions did not kill Naegleria fowleri. Water went up my nose a few times and in my mouth once.

It has been over twenty-four hours since I swam in the pool, and I had some minor headaches and my head felt like it was pounding. There was a vibration in my nose when I was trying to sleep. I couldn't get much sleep because I fear something bad might happen.

I found out that N fowleri has not had any victims in Kentucky, but I also found that it is relatively commonplace. I cannot get to a doctor wihout help, and my doctor is far away.

Please help me. I cannot spend one second without thinking about dying.
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Hi, and understand your concern. Naegleria fowleri infection is rare and occurs when the person is in contact with fresh water. Since the pool was chlorinated, its more unlikely. But as you are experiencing symptoms of nasal congestion and headaches, to clear doubts you can have yourself evaluated. The testing would basically start with blood counts, which may show an elevation of white blood cells. Further nasal secretions or spinal fluid may be tested if needed. So, talk with your nearest doctor at the earliest and based on your symptoms and blood counts he may decide on the next course of action. Until then don’t worry and take OTC Acetaminophen for relief from headaches. Good luck and Take care.
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I went to a doctor and he diagnosed me with strep throat or a viral infection. I took some Advil and one amoxicillin per day and the symptoms seem to be gone. But today, my nose suddenly bled and the tingling feeling in my nose is back.
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