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Throat Plaque

Solid white, foul smelling, throat plaque (or bacteria) keeps coming out of my throat or tonsils.  It varies in size.  This has been a persistent problem for a few years.  Sometimes it goes away for weeks or months.  Other times it comes up daily.  

I brush my teeth daily, use a water-pick, and have never had a cavity.  

What could it be?  What can be done about it?  Is this rare?
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Oral fishers, or cryptic tonsils.
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This was a really great answer.  I think they are probably tonal stones.  I do have extremely large tonsils.  

I couldn't find much info on oral fishers.  I'm thinking it is just like a little pocket in the throat that can get bacteria build up too.  Whatever you do DON'T type it into an image search.

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