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I have suffered from vertigo on and off for 6 years but in April of 2009 I became very ill with numerous problems.  The vertigo was the worst that I had ever experienced and to this day has not gone away.  I have days that are better but most days I feel like I am on a rocking boat(or drank way too much).  Does anyone else have this problem?  I go to the ENT tomorrow hoping for some relief.  I was told back in 2003 that I had Meniere's but I have hearing loss in both ears and weird noses in my ears.  Buzzing and tinnitus.  Thanks for any help or advice on how to deal with this....
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can you give more information about ur symptoms,, are you actually spinning or is the room spinning,,is there anything that triggers your episodes.. how long do the actual episodes last (actual spinning),,, does salt trigger this,,, your ENT should have recommended an VNG or ENG both are the same test one is done with video the other with electrodes,,
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It is like I am on a rocking boat all the time.  I have felt this everyday since april of 09.  Sometimes the floor appears to be wavy(like the ocean waves).  When I am moving it is my only time that I feel normal.  When I am on firm ground that is when I feel this way!  For example...when I am on an elevator I feel okay until I step off then it starts or if I am in a car I feel okay until I get out.  I rarely   get sick with these episodes and I never see anything spinning me or anything else.  Thanks for replying!
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Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MDD or MdDS) google this,, see if this fits with ur symptoms,,keep me posted
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Ditto. I have heard people with MDD (which I don't have) say that they feel better when in a moving vehicle or a rocking chair, but bad when they are sitting still.

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Yes all the symptoms fit.  Who do I go to for testing for this?  I went to an ENT doctor and he basically blew me off....
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You can go to an audiologist for testing but this is usually diagnosed threw ur case history there r no tests for this. Its jus a diagnosis made from some one askin u questions the way I did
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I guess I need a new doctor...lol..thanks for your help!
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Hi Dee. I see that you have migraines. I think there is thought to be an association between migraine and MDD.

There is also migraine-associated vertigo (MAV). See the Web site of the highly respected "dizzy doctor" neurologist Tim Hain:


He also has a page on MDD.

Have you seen a real dizziness specialist? There are two kinds: neuro-otologists (also called neurotologists), who are ENTs with extra training in the inner ear and its connections to the brain; and otoneurologists, who are neurologists with a special interest in dizziness and the inner ear. Both can be a little hard to find. Try the member lists at the Web sites of the American Neurotology Society and the Vestibular Disorders Association; or call your nearest medical school; or ask your own doctors for a referral if they cannot help you.

However, as DrEars said, MDD (and MAV too) is diagnosed by symptoms. Many people find relief from certain types of medications. Do some research on these and consider asking your doctor to prescribe a trial of medication. Some people need to go through trials of several different medications before they find the one that works for them. You may not get rid of the dizziness entirely (especially since you've had it for so long) but you could get MUCH better if you find the right med.

With your hearing loss, have they considered autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED)? See Dr. Hain's page on this:


Best of luck!
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Thanks nancy for the info...wow that was really helpful.. My pcp feels firmly that I have AI disease of some form and maybe it is in the ears.  It could cause all of my symptoms.  Thanks again for all of this advice!!
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You're welcome! Sounds like you have a lot to deal with. Good luck!
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In July 14 I had a severe Vertigo attack while I was out of town. Foolishly I flew home. I started on the same route as everyone here, each doctor does  tests and tells you it is not his area of expertise. After 3 months of getting know where I went to my Neurologist (Dr.Randolph R. Stephenson) from  Neurology Center of Fairfax, Fairfax VA, for an annual check up.  I told him the problem I was experiencing. He excused himself and came back in 5 minutes. He had made an appointment for me the next afternoon with Dr. Chandela. of Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington VA, a friend of his.. This call saved my life. Dr. Chandela ordered a Brain Scan and diagnosed I had arteriovenous malformations. He found a huge cluster of unconnected veins that were dripping into my brain. It could have burst at any time. He is one of only 90 trained neurosurgeons in the US. that performs this surgery. He completely removed the AVM in NOV 14 and I am recovering. I am still having some residual issues but nothing like the first time it happened.  

If you are having vertigo with no help in sight find a Doctor who performs AVM Surgery. He may be the last Doctor you need to visit.


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