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throat closing up

so, today during my jury (applied music final) i was playing my clarinet, and my throat started closing up, and because it was a performance i couldnt stop playing.. but i couldnt breath, and afterwords i could taste blood, could nervousness be the cause of my throat closing? and how do i stop it?
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I feel for you also being a musician but I think you should consult with a real doctor if you think it's really serious. I have a problem with my throat as I can't sing much with out my throat being irritated. I 've had this problem for years and seems to be getting worse where I feel like I'm coming down w a cold but it never happens. My reg. doc thinks it may be from long term reflux and I think I'll go to the ENT  and get it worked up more. How did your preformance go?
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It could be allergies. While my throat never closed up, swelling in the throat is sometimes a symptom of an allergic reaction. Mine was nuts, but it could be seafood or something. I'd take it to a doctor, especially because you couldn't breathe - that's a major problem of something being wrong. If s/he thinks it's an allergy, then s/he should refer you to an allergist for testing. If it is an allergy, then you need an Epi pen or meds.

Even if it isn't allergies, go see a doctor. Not being able to breathe is serious.
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i cant go to a doctor, im lacking health insurence, but now its like whenever im stressed it happens.. and the performance sucked btw, i couldnt even get 1/2 of the notes out.
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so, i found out it was strep, weird huh? i wasnt aware that strep could do that
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