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Constant ringing in both ears

Dear Dr.
I have had constant high pitched loud ringing in both ears for at least the last 6 months.  Sometimes the noise is so loud that I can't hear the TV and have to increase the volume.  My family dr examined me in March and found fluid in both ears and prescribed an antibiotic.  The school nurse (I'm a teacher) checked twice since and I still have a small amount of fluid and a little wax.  I used the earwax remover she suggested but it didn't stop the ringing.  Some nights I wake up because my ear feels wet (it isn't) and I have occassional pain in one or both ears.  Lately I have difficulty understanding people on the phone otherwise I think my hearing is fine.  I'm a 52 year old female.  In your opinion, what could be causing the constant ringing?  Thank you
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You require an audiogram- It s likely a result of chronic hearing loss. A complete examination and audiogam should reveal the problem.
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Thank you for answering my question.  I will schedule an appt for an audiogram.  I already made an appt with an ENT for late July.
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