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Throat and Tongue irritation

I have throat and tongue irritation whenever I smoke even a few cigarettes e.g. even 1-2 cigarettes  for 4-5 days leads to the irritation which takes about 3-4 days to heal. It starts again even if I smoke one cigarette a few days later. But after 2-3 weeks it heals completely and I can smoke 1-2 cigarettes once in a while e.g. every other week or so. But after sometime I enter the same cycle again. This has been happening since last 2 years and that's why I try to avoid smoking at all cost but again sometimes I give in to the cravings and the issue starts again. Apart from that I do not have any health problems even throat and tongue are fine if I do not smoke at all. I had smoked for 2years (6-8 cigarettes' per day) without any problem but again due to this issue since last 2 years I am smoking occasionally.

I visited two doctors and as per one of them its because of sinusitis that I am getting frequent throat infection while as per other doctor smoking is aggravating the acid reflux in the upper tract causing infection and irritations. Not sure which diagnosis is right. Their medications helped but the problem started again after 2-3 months as I started smoking occasionally(5-10 cigarettes' in 2-3 weeks).

I am very worried due to this as I am finding it very difficult to quit smoking completely and also due to the health problems its causing me. Nicotine tablet and vaping are not helping to cut down on cigarettes. I tried Phys iatric medicines for 3  years  to get rid of anxiety and smoking. But the 15 kg weight gain over the years due to the anti-depressant has increased my stress level even more and made my condition worse leading to more dependency on smoking.
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Both of those diagnoses sound pretty peculiar to me, but I'm not a doctor.  Sinusitis isn't actually a disease, it just means your sinus is inflamed, but doesn't tell you why, but it's hard to see what that has to do with the throat and tongue.  Neither would reflux affect that area, but even if it did reach the throat area it certainly has nothing to do with the tongue and reflux comes from the digestive tract, not cigarettes.  I have no idea why this is happening, but you know, cigarettes will kill you or harm you in ways that are slow and awful.  Take it from someone who has lost three family members to it.  This is a great thing, really, as nothing is really wrong with you and it will absolutely force you to quit what is a recent habit.  The best way to quit smoking when you've only been smoking for a couple of years as opposed to a very long time isn't to take drugs for it and certainly not to vape, which is also taking in the same stuff, but to enter a program that helps people stop smoking, and if it's anxiety that is making it hard to stop or why you started, then treating the anxiety through therapy is also a good idea.  I would try to look at this as a Godsend, as the heavens making it impossible for you to do something that is among the worst things humans can do to themselves.  Make it a positive thing, not a negative thing -- you're not giving up smoking, you're fixing your throat.  What could be better?  Peace.
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Yes its definitely a Godsend, my doctors says its good that I am getting a warning signal at early stage. Any negligence further will surely mean signing my own death warrant. My body does not allow me to smoke at all which is bad but also a blessing in disguise. I am scared a lot due to it and have pledged to quit no matter how bad the cravings get. Last year I went on from a regular smoker to occasional smoker and this year as the infections continue I need to quit completely. Some smokers may be able to get away with little complications or quit before any complications but its not the case with all I guess. Some will fall sick and eventually die prematurely due to smoking' a lot earlier than other smokers.
This is always true.  We all have different immune systems and different areas of our bodies that are our weakness.  Achilles had a heel.  My sister made it to 49, my Mom to 55, but my Dad made it to 80 although he could barely breathe the last ten years of his life.  Seriously, cigarettes do nothing for us.  They don't taste good until you force yourself to get used to them.  They don't get you high.  They're expensive.  They're obnoxious.  They stink.  Really, not smoking is no loss at all.
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