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I had tongue tie release surgery 2 weeks ago, but now it is still quite short, I can't  touch the roof of my mouth when my mouth is opwn.   I had unclear speech (I can't pronounce some letters very clear, espesially r sound) and the speech didn't changed.  I had very poor shouders posture and forward head posture but now I don't. I think the surgery released me from upper body tension but I still have speech problems and the tongue is quite short. My doctor says that when it will completely heal in 1-2 months she will check it again and maybe I will have one more surgery.  I wrote a lot about tongue-tie on the internet but there was not anything about that sometimes you need to have more than one surgery to completly release the tongue. So are there any situations when one surgery is not enough?
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Look at my tongue man. This is as far as it goes. It is still tied
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You probably need to see a speech therapist to learn to speak better.  
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