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fungal sinusitis

I have been having repeated episodes of fungal sinusitis for over 2 years following a Balloon Sinuplasty. The fungal infection  is always on the side of the surgery ( left side) I have been using fungal nasal rinses to fight the infection. Once the infection is gone i will have another infection if i get a cold or my immune is lowered from work stress etc. ( last infection was when i got the shingles vaccine and flu shot)   Has anybody ever had this problem? And if so how did you finally end this nightmare??
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Oh man, that's awful!  I'm sorry this happened to you!! I will tell you that when I got the shingles vaccine, it's sicker from a vaccine than I've ever gotten. That was brutal!  I only got sick from the first one and was after the second but gosh, wasn't expecting to feel so bad. they say that even that is a lot better than shingles.

So. you are basically getting returning sinusitis symptoms. My husband had sinus surgery and recurrent issues as well. He's a netty pot user and swears by it. Use distilled water (never tap). I see you have been using nasal rinses. That's good.

Have they determined what type of fungus you have? There are different types. Have they removed some of the mucus from your sinus to send to a lab and test it? This needs to be done. If it hasn't been done already, NEXT time, do this step. Important. They may do a CT of your sinuses to see if you have what is called a fungal ball. They may do a sinus endoscopy. These evaluations can help determine exactly what to do. Has any of this been done?  

There are antifungal drugs. As in medications you take by mouth. That could alleviate he fungus. Keep doing the nasal washes they prescribe. Gulp . . . has anyone mentioned surgery?
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Yes it seems i am hypersensitive to mold( fungas) and i am having a strong immune response causing my to have fungal sinusitis . I did have a debridement and was sent to lab for analysis. I had three types this past infection. I am doing nasal rinse with itraconazole.  Been dealing with this for three years. I recently seeked out an immunologist for immune therapy. I am hoping this works. Was told i might also need dupinex injections.
I had so many ct scans and many surgery's .  thank you for your response. I am a special case it seems.

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