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tap water went up nose into ear. scared that I contracted neagleria_fowleri

(note, I live in southern California in the United states if that helps.)

Ok, so around the 4th of February, I found myself suffering from a rather bad flu and very stuffy nose.

So in an attempt to clear it, I attempted to replicate what the nedi pot does with a water bottle and some warm tap water from the kitchen sink.

it cleared out one side of my nose a little bit but when I noticed the water was not clearing on the other, I attempted to force the water into my nose.

upon doing so, I felt the water I was pouring into the left nostal into my left ear followed by an intense pain in left nostril.

after a few moments of intense pain in my ear, I decided to stop.

this pain continued on for most of the night that day and most of the following day and slowly went away after that,as if the water slowly ended up draining out of my ear.

not long after the in, I felt a kind of stuffy stuffed kind of feeling in my left ear,with trouble being able to hear out of my left ear and there is this constant high pitched ringing in my ear that just will not go away.

at first, I started looking up how to get the water out of my ear and then I learned something critical that I should have known and considered before you should even do this, that by pouring water deeply into your nose with none distilled water, you run the risk of contracting nigeria fowleri.


it is now February 15th, and from what I have read, it takes 7 to 12 days for symptoms to really start showing themselves and about 5 to 7 days after that until you end up dead from the virus.

early on in the weekend around sunday the 9th and Tuesday night, I started smelling and tasting a strong taste and smell of blood, yet when I tried to make any come out of my nose or mouth, no blood case out.After Sunday, I remember the smell of taste of blood subsiding a little bit before smelling a tasting a strong renewed smell and taste of blood tuesday night.

every time I speak to my parents, they will not believe me that something might be seriously wrong and as of late,have been writing off any concern I have as just the flu or nothing being wrong.health insurance is also an issue and I am fearful that without there support(don't get me wrong, I know they would not hesitate to lend support for a major health problem if they thought there was one), that In a week or two, I'm going to end up dying and dead, with my parents only lending any kind of help by the time it to late to do anything.

I'm scared, honestly, I am scared.

please, Give me your honest opinions and don't hold back.
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Are you ok now? I did the same lastnight  and had no idea I had to boil the water, I have no symptoms althought I do have the flu So I dont know if its the flu thats making still feel sick. Im scared as much as you, I couldnt sleep lastnight because I was afriad I would wake up with an intense headache. But All I have no is a slight headache, but it could be because of the flu. Anyways I hope youre ok and Im going to seek medical help is my flu doesnt go away by friday. Its Moneday
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Update February 18th.
more recently, there has been this pressure in my head,especially felt around the forehead with occasional feelings of pain. it doesn't feel like a headache, it just feels like pressure and small bits of pain happening now and then, with the pressured being relived a little bit after a popping feeling deep inside my head. I don't think this is my sinuses.

left ear feels a little bit better,less of a stuffed feeling with some hearing improvement and the ringing in it has slowly gone down.

my back,shoulder areas and very lower neck have been experiencing some discomfort to and it seems to calm down a bit when I rest.

also noted a tendency for involuntary muscle spasms, as if you were attempting to flex a small part of a muscle on your body, only I am not consciously and willingly doing it and seem to happen more often when resting.I'm not sure, but it feels like there becoming more frequent.

I don't know whether this is Naegleria_fowleri slowly beginning to take effect or signs that something such as a stroke is coming on, but I do know something is not right here.
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Congratulation, wish you well in college, work hard, it is worth the effort and makes college more "fun'.

From what I recall, this was a long time ago, the University of Washington had some medical services for students.  I recall dumping my motor scooter and hurting my hand.  The U of W doctor looked at it (don't remember about x-ray or not) but nothing was broken and all healed.  I/we didn't have any insurance and darn little money (I was married at the time).  I was a Navy vet so I was over 21 at that point  I don't remember having to pay anything or discuss it with anyone other than the student medical service.  Now this was a long time age but I am under the impression there is more "free stuff" today than back in the dark ages.

Good luck.
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I more recently graduated high school actually around june 2013 of last year and I am just starting collage. I'm in my second semester.
I'm around 19 years of age.
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Sounds like you are trying to work with your parents, and that is the right and best way to go.. but you story reads like an expert could be needed

Does you school have a school nurse?  I'm not suggesting going around your parents, but if while at school you asked to see the nurse, this could result in the nurse calling your parents and suggestion a course of action.  

Here I assume you are in public school, high school.

I also believe there are programs supporting school aged "children" (you sound like a young adult, but anyone in High School is included I think) medical help if the cost is a major concern.  I think California is in the lead in this area of public health.
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