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Endo Diagnosis

Hi everyone,

I'm having "classic symptoms" of endometriosis. I've had painful period since they started at 12. I went on birth control at 16 and was on it for 8 years. I had the best results with ortho trisprintec, but when I went on the ring in 2010 I started to have pain during intercourse. I thought it was the ring, so I decided to go off of birth control. My periods kept getting worse and worse. Now they're horrible. My PMS seems to last for two weeks, after I ovulate it starts. I can't sit for long periods of time because my pelvis hurts. My tailbone is also very tender. My periods are still regular and I still ovulate every month.

I have an ultrasound scheduled next week and I'm not sure what we will find. Is going through the laproscopy worth getting? Did you get any relief? What would you do in your first steps of treatment?
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Unfortunately the only way to definitively diagnose endometriosis is with a Iaproscopic surgery. I would find an endometriosis specialist as they will go in to diagnose and remove the disease at the same time so it's not just diagnostic,which will help you not have to keep having surgery after surgery as too many of us endo gals have had to do...I had ultrasound, ct scans...none of their tests showed anything and when they got inside I was stage for with all my organs glued together with adhesions (scar tissue) even though I had never had surgery...Dr. thought my appendix had burst but it was fine under all the adhesions..ti was all endometriosis...
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What it sounds like to me is that it is possible that the pill suppressed the pain of Endo for the entire time you were on it and the ring might have aggravated it causing you to feel more pain. I am not sure if the ring is a progestrone only type of bcp I will have to look into that.

As ipurr2 said above minimally invasive laproscopic surgery is the only way to diagnose Endo.

Let me know where you live and I can let you know of some good surgeons.

You will be able to tell more about what is going on from your ultrasound. There are many things it can be other than endo like, PCOS, Adenomyosis, fibroids etc. So an ultrasound should be able to rule out most of that where Endo unless there is an endometrioma (blood filled) cyst usually shows nothing and so a doctor might dismiss you because of that. Most GP are very illiterate when it comes to Endo so it is best to be your own advocate.

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I'm in the Seattle, Wa area. My ultrasound was this morning and the doctor said that everything was normal. That's good, but the ultrasound was very uncomfortable. She basically told me that surgery or the pill were my only options and she didn't instill and lot of confidence in me. I'd like to chat with a specialist because pain means something is wrong. A pill isn't just going to fix it. :(
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Did you see Cynthia Mosbrucker? That's the doctor that i found in Gig Harbor. Ultrasound this morning showed... nothing. It looked normal and my doc basically told me to go on the pill.
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Dr. M is one of the top specialists. Is that who you saw Katie?

Ipurr2, the fact that he/she is giving you the option of surgery or the pill that is at least a step in the right direction because she/he didn't dismiss you.

There are two in your area here they are. If Cindy is closer I would suggest her.

Dr. Cindy Mosbrucker

Franciscan Women's Health,
11511 Canterwood Blvd.
N. W. Suite 145 Gig Harbor,
WA 98332
T: (253) 530-2955

Specialisation: GYN only
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Does some bowel/urinary tract work. Is assisted by a colorectal surgeon.

Dr. Megan Bird

Legacy Medical Group - Women's Specialities
21810 Willamette Dr.
West Linn, OR, 97068
T: 503 415-4160

Specialisation: GYN only
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Unknown

Please note: Dr. Bird has been included on the map based on feedback/surgical photos from a patient who had mild endometriosis. We therefore cannot confirm whether her expertise extends to the management of complex cases. It may be, for example, that she can manage cases of mild/minimal endometriosis via excision but patients with complex cases may need to seek out a surgeon with more experience.
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