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Adult onset seizures

I had my first seizure at about 30. I have had every test known to man done, i.e. CT, MRI, tilt table. eeg, ekg etc. Took trips to Mayo Clinic and Univ of Mich.  Had Reveal Monitor implanted in my chest for a year. All produced no clues. Only happens when playing sports or video games. It feels like something to do with my eyes. sorry can,t be more specific. I am 43 now. They used to happen about once a year but the frequency has increaded the past couple of years. This is starting to worry me. Any ideas what this might be or who to contact in the Atlanta area. Any information is appreciated.

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Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Ive read there is a correlation between the two.
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if you are watching more and more TV or are using devices with have a screen (such as tablets and the like) it might well be the flickering that is going on that is starting to trigger you, that or being around florescent lights more and more might be causing an issue.

I know my husband starts to have issues when he is under florescent lights for long periods of time do to their flicker rate being just at the right level to cause him issue (which is most annoying since with the new laws on the books trying to buy lights which are alright for him is becoming an issue). He can't stay long playing video games, watching tv, or being on his comp because to long at any of them cause issues we've found/learned.

Also for some its related to glucose levels, one thing I did notice is when his glucose levels go to low he starts to shake and if he doesn't get sugar into him he will have an attack (yet his A1C level is 5.5 within normal range for a non-diabetic) so you might see about that angle (its not common, but its not unheard of).
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