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Could I possibly have Mono or EBV?

Hello everyone, I have been here before in the STD sections on this site. Basically, July 9th and August 9th I had unprotected sex, and made out, with a female, who was high risk exposure. I had all STD tests october 6th, came out negative. I still get arthritis feeling sometimes in joints, petechaie on stomach, and I woke up today with a white spot on my right tonsil (this white spot comes every month and leaves after a day since I have had the exposure). I searched it and it is a direct resultant to my body being under an infection. Given that I have tested all the STD's for negative, is it possible that Mono or EBV has done this to me?

All of my symptoms since 2nd exposure:
Weakness and fatigue
no appetite the first few weeks
burning sensations in both arms,
stiff neck
irritating feeling in arm pits
Arthritis like feeling in hands, elbows, and seldom knees.
White spot in right tonsil that reappears sometimes, and leaves after a day.

IF I have no STD's, what should I tell doctors to test for? MONO? EBV? What other possible infections could I have?
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