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Has anyone had a swollen face from EBV for years after?

In November of 2017, I contracted mono and pretty much every single day since, I've had a swollen face to some degree and fatigue. Sometimes it is so bad that my eyes are almost swollen shut, but most days I just have a bloated and full looking face, like I've gained weight but only in my checks and eyelids. It has gone away for up to 2 months once following a steroid shot, but it just came back and a steroid shot has done no lasting good since. I also have fluid trapped in my middle ear that never goes away. I've seen a lot of doctors and have FINALLY been referred to an infectious disease specialist this coming May. I'm going to request high dose vitamin C IV therapy and/or an anti-viral.

Has anyone experienced anything remotely similar to this? I KNOW the virus is the cause and believe that it is still replicating and congesting my lymphatic system. It's so hard to find any info about prolonged swelling from EBV anywhere and all my doctors thus far are baffled by my case, so if anyone knows something that even might be a solution or help me, I am all ears.

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