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I am 40 yr old woman w/extreme SOB and +EBV Igg titers

Hello I am a 40-year-old woman who has just been tested for EB and I had positive titers for the IgG part. The reason I was tested was because of extreme fatigue shortness of breath and like muscle cramps. The EBV IgG titers were at 750 on our scale in order to be negative should’ve been below 19. None of the other test came back positive that are related to EBV that would actually show I have the active virus but for some reason I just do not feel right. The shortness of breath is the worst symptom. When I attempt to walk up and downstairs I get weird feelings in my legs and my chest and it becomes very hard to breathe. I do also feel more exhausted than usual I work in the medical field so I work a lot of hours and I’m on my feet a lot. The doctor states of the virus is no longer active in my body that I’m kind of in the phase of getting over it. I’m just curious as to how long this will last and if anybody else has felt this horrible of a symptom with this. I am also a smoker. I’ve smoked for many years I have cut back from one pack a day to maybe five cigarettes. I am working on quitting. I also had a chest x-ray that showed mild emphysema and I had a CT scan all my other bloodwork CBC etc. all came back fairly normal. I also have Hashimoto’s( but not hypo/hyper thyroid) If anybody else has similar symptoms please share.
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Help with EBV..
I'm finally getting over Reactivated EBV and initially my tests for it were off the charts. The test range was 1.0 to 19 and I was 600. My dr was no help and I've quit going to the dr's after they were testing me for Lymphoma and other things because of my swollen lymph nodes. I found a book called "Medical Medium" on Amazon which really helped me to understand which foods are anti-viral and which foods you should stay away from (that feed a virus). It also helps with knowing which anti-virals to take. The other thing I did was order medication called MMS from Australia. I read up on it on the internet. It kills pathogens and viruses. It is famous for killing Malaria. It's not an easy healing journey, and I'm not finished, but I can tell it's working.
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Update: The MMS did not work.. I’m now doing Hydrogen Peroxide IVs. I’m not sure if that’s working or not.. It seems the only real treatment you can rely on is the book Medical Medium, which has the diet you’ll need to take down the virus over time...
I was diagnosed with EBV in Feb 2020, so fairly recent.  My EBV VCA IGG was 160 (VCA IGM negative).  I always knew the medical community (doctors) were crooks, but I am totally amazed how they just don't want to help you (it's all in your head they say - LOL).  I asked my infectious disease specialist to test me for entire EBV panel, but he flatly refused saying he cannot do that.  He says I probably got it as a child (i don't believe him).  I get stomach aches every now and then.  I also developed LPR acid reflux and the ENT doc put me on omeprazole which significantly helped reduce LPR but not entirely.   I don't have CFS yet, but I get white tongue and I developed Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS).  I am scared and went to dentist to ask for Velscope exam to check for any oral cancers, nothing so far (thank god).  Now i have to make Velscope exam a regular thing.   I believe EBV is worse than HIV.   At least for HIV, there is 30 different medicines, but nothing for EBV.  I am trying Monolauren, Oregano oil, olive leaf, etc to see if it helps.
EBV is mononucleosis, or glandular fever. It is not worse than HIV.

The doctor knows your EBV infection was older because the IGM was negative.

BMS can be caused by an endocrine disorder (thyroid, diabetes, etc), so don't hesitate to get those checked.

I asked my dr to test me for EBV after a reoccurring vertigo episode after 15 years I discovered that a virus called EBV can cause acute labyrinthitis and cause vertigo. I told my dr to order labs and I went in. She said the likeliness of me having antibodies were high since almost  everyone has had mono but to not count on an active infection or even high amount of  antibodies.
Labs came back, full on active EBV case.
Symptoms during a flair up:
Difficulty focusing
Sore neck not throat
Loss of appetite

While is calming down or ramping up:
Peeling and itchy feet and hands
Wrinkled finger tips

My dr prescribed antiviral medication for herpes called acyclovir
I take  a complex called Bravado Labs HrpRX has like lysine, oil or oregano, garlic elderberry, lysine and more in it  to fight virus’.
I also take  Ahcc and beta glucan. To support immune system too… lots of vitamins and I eat organic
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Read carefully.  Get a blender... preferably a Vitamix.  Juice a Watermelon and add 3 Lemons squeeze, a thumb of ginger peeled, a handful of parsley...all organic and have that daily.  I have suffered from this since 2010 and recently I found some solutions.  Your diet has to change mostly raw fruits and vegetables.  There is more but write me back if interested.  I know what you are going through.
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I have the same problem. My IgG was 75.0 and everything else negative. I have been feeling bad for 8 months and all my test are negative but my WBC were elevated. I dont know what's going on. I've been tested for everything under the son including HIV and everything negative
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Sorry its taken so long to reapond. I am here again almost 16 months layer and feel no relief. I actually feel worse memory is bad cant form worda at times and have horrible numbness and tingling over my body, dizzy at times even feel faint:(
How are you feeling now?
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