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Mono or Autoimmune? Strange lab results

I have been having horrible fatigue and joint pain and "fogginess" for a few months now. I have a very extensive family history of autoimmune disorders, so my doctor did a full autoimmune workup. While my ANA was positive (1:180), she is convinced I have mono. She did 2 EBV panels which came both times (about a week apart) with the VCA IgG very high (116 and 110), but the Ea IgG, Na Abs IgG, and IgM negative. She also did a western blot and only the P41 antibiody was present. I did also have high atypical lymps on my differential (6%), which also points to mono.

My concern is that I have no other symptoms of mono other than the fatigue. Is it possible that something else could cause such a high VCA IgG? My doctor said she has never had labs come back like this before.
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Have they checked your lymph nodes/system?
My doctor has not. I am a RN, so I have myself. My submandibular have been swollen, but nothing crazy.
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I was tested for EBV again. This time the VCA-IgG was even higher (138) and the Ea-IgG is positive now too (11.3). So I guess it was/is an active EBV infection? I'm not sold, but we will see what my doc says when I go in to go over the results.
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