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Severe anxiety with mono/ ebv

I got diagnosed with mono on December 28th 2020. I went to the ER because it sent me into a crazy panic attack. I felt like I had no idea who I was.
Since then I physically feel fine. My spleen is enlarged and hurts sometimes due to mono. But the anxiety and depression that I’ve been feeling is killing me. I’ve read a lot of forums telling me it’s the mono. And I pray that’s what it is. All I do is cry. I can’t even be at home alone by myself because I feel I have extreme separation anxiety from my family. So I have been staying with them. I just wanna feel normal and like myself again. I just turned 21. This isn’t normal. I’ve read things on Monolaurin? Someone please help me. If you’ve had similar symptoms please tell me what helped you. I just wanna be the active 21 year old I was 3 months ago.
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Do you know how did you possibly catch this mono?  Try to get the test done for the EBV panel (EBV IgM/Igg/EA/EBNA).   You may also want to test for CMV virus since CMV also causes mono.  
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