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Tips or advice on beating EBV ?

Hi, I've decided to reach out in hopes that those in the same situation as me or who have recovered can give some tips or advice on how to beat EBV. It's so hard dealing with this everyday without family or friends understanding, obviously I don't expect them to understand but it's peace of mind to know that there are people in the same boat as me. Right now everyday things are a struggle and I can barely leave the house, it makes me so frustrated seeing all my friends out and about and I can barely make a cup of tea without needing to lie down.

I am now 19, I was 17 when I got glandular fever which is another word for mononucleosis. I was hospitalised and also in leaving cert so was more or less forced to have a quick recovery in time for my exams. I got it in January and was 'recovered' and back to school by March. Felt more or less back to myself.

September - I started college, no health issues.
October - It started with dizziness, headaches, ringing in my ears and nausea. My doctor suspected viral labyrinthitis so allowed 2 weeks to see if it would clear itself.
November - There was no improvement and my symptoms were getting worse the dizziness, ringing in ears and headaches got worse. I started getting brain fog and a feeling of pressure in my head. I suspected it was still the viral labyrinthitis so I told myself it would pass.
December -  I got bad tonsillitis and was on another round of antibiotics. After the tonsillitis my other symptoms got progressively worse and I developed fatigue, heart palpitations along with insomnia.  
January - I was still getting worse so I went back to my doctor and was told it was a sinus infection so I was put on steroids.
February - No improvements and my doctor suspected that all my symptoms were coming from my tonsils & adenoids because I got tonsillitis a lot over the last few years. Started getting a constant pain/pressure in my head that never goes away, begins about an hour after waking up.
March, April, May, June - symptoms persist and I was awaiting a date to get my tonsils out.
July - I had a tonsillectomy which I hoped would be the solution to all my problems. I felt relief for 2 weeks until all my symptoms returned but they were 10 times worse, I was so tired and dizzy I could barely leave my bed. Ended u going to the hospital for a full assessment only to ne sent home with no answer which was so disheartening. I felt like there was no hope and I would never feel like myself again. I started feeling very disconnected from reality and my eyesight had gone all funny, when I look around a room my eyes would zoom in on objects. I wear glasses but only for when I'm on my phone or watching tv. I went back to the opticians suspecting I was getting migraines from the wrong prescription, my prescription was perfect and there was no problems with my eyes.
August - After giving up all hope I went to a kinesiologist and was told I have EBV which was triggered from the emotional and physical stress of the transition into college. It is in 7 of my organs and is causing a chemical and hormone imbalance which is the explanation for all my nervous system problems. When I got heart palpitations and really lightheaded it turns out it was panic attacks from how affected my adrenal glands are from the virus.

I start back to college again in 3 weeks and after barely getting through first year because of how sick I was, I've been debating deferring my year to let myself get better. Part of me is telling myself to not let this take over and to try and push through but I also know I need to let myself get better but I can't help but feeling like a burden at the minute to those taking care of me. I'm afraid that if I go back to college in 3 weeks the workload and classes will drain me and I'll end up getting worse. I'm not sure what to do but even by writing this I feel a sense of relief to put everything that I've been feeling in words. It is truly horrible and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm trying to find light at the end of the tunnel so if any other sufferers or even people who have recovered would like to share what you've found helpful that would be great, thanks so much for reading if you've made it this far!

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I am new to this forum but not to EBV. Both of my kids struggled with chronic EBV for most of their lives before it was recognized, and then the doctors essentially refused to treat it. In earlier years we did some rounds of antibiotics but in later years we were told that it cannot be “chronic” or “embedded”, snd when my kids got full blown mono, they were told it was untreatable, and just had to tun it’s course.

A couple of years ago we began using high-dose liposomal vitamin C—5 packets daily. Last time my daughter had full blown mono, it knocked out all  symptoms in two days. It is miraculous!

For all of you, read Dr. Levy’s work with high-dose vitamin C. There are also IV vitamin clinics in nearly every town, where you can get a vitamin C IV—supposedly by far the most effective form. And not expensive.

Hoping if anyone tries, you will post.
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How do you know you have EBV and it's in 7 of your organs?  Did you get any EBV blood work done ?  You should get EBV bloodwork done for the entire panel to confirm - EBV VCA IGM/EBV VCA IGG/EBV EA IGG/EBV EBNA IGG and also EBV DNA PCR test.
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I hope this reaches you, as you posted quite a while ago.  I'm curious, how did you find out it's in 7 of your organs? Also, how are you doing these days?
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Read from Fatigue to Fantastic. Take Pro boost & D-Ribose. I was sick for 8 months in 2010. I take the Ribose everyday & I have been good for 12 years now.
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