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Problems with ejaculations and erections

Hello, I am 25 and since some years ago I have been experiencing sezual issues that haven't improved since then at all. Now, after some time of clinical tests and my own experience, I can be very precise of my symptoms.

- I am always able to achieve orgasm with no trouble. That's the only thing is right with me, to be honest.
- I haven't experienced a decent erection for years. I don't remember the last time it happened.
- I ejaculate too early. Some people say "it's because you're too anxious. You need to relax and stay calm". Very far from reality. When I was OK with all these things, I was completely able to manage my ejeculation. If I felt that I was going to ejeculate, I was able to stop. Nowadays, it's completely impossible.
- I used to feel a very pleasurable sensation on the perineum. Currently, I don't feel anything at all. Just something a bit pleasurable when I'm going to have an orgasm.
- My libido is OK. I mean, I like girls and I love to see them naked. My problem is not "I don't feel aroused about women". Nevertheless if, for example, I watch porn, is like I get bored because my penis won't literally get up even 1 mm watching that.
- No morning erections. Rarely, I get up in the night with a decent erection (that rapidly goes away if I get up).
- The position doesn't matter. I always have trouble. However, it is true that is a bit better when I'm in bed (but like 3%).
- My ejaculations are really weak, despite I ejaculate extremely early. The amount of semen is really low.

I got checked by my GP and I know that my blood sugar levels are OK, my testosterone levels are OK (close to the top limit, in fact), cortisol and I don't have anemia or other importamt problems. My blood pressure is also fine. I sleep well, the recommended amount of hours. I stopped drinking alcohol, I don't take drugs or medications. No pain. PSA levels are quite low.

My GP says it's purely psychological, so I was prescribed antidepressants that I didn't take, because I don't want to get addicted to things that I don't need. This is not performance anxiety, I'm sure of that. I mean, I had sex when I was OK with no trouble. Now, I am not even able to achieve an etection if I want to masturbate. It doesn't make sense at all. I'm tired of annoying advice such as "stop drinking and smoking, eat healthier, relax, talk to your partner, loose weight...". I mean, I don't want to have a partner becauae of these problems and, talking about weight, I am very thin, so the weight is not my problem.

I don't understand anything. I have seen many times the other mega advice "do kegel exercise". That is like the thing that will save the planet or something. The only thing I feel is more urge to go to the toilet. Thank you, kegels!

The only tnings I should say cause me trouble are:

- I masturbate too often. I don't enjoy at all the first ejaculation, so I need to do it lile 5 times, and I still don't enjoy it.

- I have kyphosis and lordosis, that have worsen through the time. It's a postural problem. I don't know if that problem is caising me this trouble. Obviously, when I ask for advice abput that is lile "don't say silly things. You're just having trouble because you're too shy to meet girls. If you go out to meet girls, all your problems will go away when you go with her to bed". To be honest, I used to have a noce tool, but now the feel, shape and size of the tool is absolutely disgusting.

Something to say about this? I'm tired of the same daily advice and everyone saying it's just psychological.
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