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I'm 18 years old and recently my girlfriend and I decided to have sex for the first time. We've talked about it before and even foreplayed but never went through with it. So while we were kissing and such I felt my penis erect in my pants but as I went to get the condom I realized it was in my car..

So I went out to get it and as I was heading back in the house my girlfriend's friend was driving up. So we went back in the house together and my girl made up and excuse to get her friend to leave so we could go back to attempting to have sex. So after she left is when I tried to put the condom on but I couldn't get hard for anything. She decided to give me oral and that worked but as soon as I tried to slide the condom on it went down again.

She suggested that her friend coming over ruined the mood and that's why I couldn't stay hard but idk. So about a week later we decided to try it out again. Once again during foreplay I was erect but once I took my pants off I couldn't stay erect, I had like a half erection. I even decided to penetrate without a full erection. But after a few pumps I felt myself starting to climax so I pulled out. There's another problem... First I can't even get fully erect and then I can't even last long. I stopped and told her maybe we should try later, (her not knowing I was about to ***).

It's just extremely frustrating because I'm an 18 year old boy who can't keep and erection, I feel like I can't fulfill my duties as her boyfriend. Idk if it's all mental or if there's something wrong with me. She says that's it's fine and she's not the type to judge over something like that but I feel so embarrassed. Like in the back of her head she's thinking what's up with this... It honestly makes me not wanna try again because I'm scared of the same result. I just wanna know is this normal and happened to others or do I need to see a doctor or take Viagra?
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Hi Please Chill , it's all a case of practice makes Perfect , Please try and relax when putting it on , i found if i relax make a bit of fun with your partner over putting one on , Time will tell , Enjoy
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This type of failure happens quite often.It should be take lightly. A simple trick, is to take deep, slow and even breathing. this will dull your sex urge and stop premature election. Google abdominal breathing, learn it and practice it for 10 minutes twice a day. And when you want to control your urge, do slow abdominal breathing.
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Your experience is very normal.  You are just getting a bit worried about first time sex.  Condoms cause many people problems.  Stay cool.  For the moment just get your girl to make you orgasm with her hand while you finger her vulva.
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When a male has pre-matured ejaculation, woman remains hung. It would be a good practice to masturbate your female partner to reach her to orgasm. This could be done by fingering vulva, placing palm on vulva and pressing and releasing , or running fingers around clitoris. Do not touch clitoris harshly. It is very tender , so handle it softly. Masturbating her immidiately after ejaculation, may be uncomfortable for you as you might have lost tempo of sex. Usually it takes half an hour to regain sexual urge.
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Yeah it's really normal, especially when it's your first time and you are feeling all awkward. Condoms are usually not sexy at all, trying to fumble around with one of those things is usually awkward and if it's not the right size it can really ruin your erection. The emotional pressure you feel has a lot to do with your sexual performance because you really want to please her.

What you really just need to do is get out of your head, stop worrying, stop thinking, and just start enjoying sex and that might be easier said than done.
I think it might help if you take it even slower. Focus more on the foreplay, get very passionate with her, get extremely turned on so that you aren't focusing on minute details like how awkward you feel. Sex should be so passionate that it doesn't feel like a robotic, akward task.
It might not come naturally when you are still practically a virgin, but eventually you'll figure out what really turns you on.
Even putting on a condom could be amazing, maybe if she does it for you.

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You have got Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction. All you need do is take intercourse off the menu for a while and then ask that she do all the work.
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