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Burning tears

The tears which are produced during yawning sometimes cause a burning sensation within my eyes. This has been happening for the last 6 months or so at irregular intervals, mostly happens in only one eye, but very rarely affects both of them.    
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According to me, If your eyes become dry, they will burn, sting and tear. As a reflex, the eyes burn and cause the lacrimal gland to secrete water in the form of tears. Your eyes can cause them to burn, burning eyes sometimes signal a serious eye condition.

Applying greasing up eye drops to decrease redness and enhance eye comfort. For extremely dry eyes, a specialist may endorse greasing up eye drops or counterfeit tears. Applying a warm pack to the eyes. Make a pack by drenching a spotless, delicate towel in warm water and after that putting it over the eyes.

I hope your this type of eyes problem will reduce early.
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the burning sensation only comes with tears and does not occur prior to them.
When people yawn some contract the muscle around the tear sac and there is a reflux of "stale" tears from the tear sac. That might account for why you only experience the burning sensation when you yawn.
Dr. Hagan, I feel stupid in asking this but can excessive yawning "dry up" the tear glands ?
No, yawning usually does not innervate the tear gland but if it does it stimulates them.
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