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Dry Eye Syndrom?

60 yr old female. Have been dealing with dry eye for over a year. Antibiotics, Lotemax drops, Lotemax gel, Blink lubricating drops, Now; Refresh PM gel, Systane Ultra lubricating drops and Restasis.  Optimologist prescribed Restasis 6 weeks ago. Still not sure why eyes are red all of the time. Suggested allergy testing, which I have scheduled now. Optomologist says that he still isn't sure what is going on and wants to put plugs in my eyes. My eyes now feel better than they have for quite awhile but still red like no sleep (I get 8 hrs daily) I have 3 questions; 1. can plugs be used with Restasis? (Restasis info says no but Dr. says yes) 2. Should I try plugs 1st and if not successful, then go back to Restasis? 3. In reading about Restasis, are there future bad side effects in continued use such as cancer? I am starting to question if I should get another opinion. Thank you for any suggestions that you may have.
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Read this article I wrote carefully:  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/index/233488?page=7&personal_page_id=5373502&sort_by=date

Both my wife and I have moderately severe dry eyes. Both of us are on restasis with complete success. She for 6-7 years and me for one and a half year. IT WILL TAKE 6 MONTHS BEFORE YOU SEE THE FULL BENEFITS OF RESTASIS SO DON'T STOP THEM.  Restasis eye drops does not cause cancer if it did neither my wife or I would be taking them.

I personally would not have plugs put in. they fall out, they can scratch the eye. If you're not on Omega 3 I would start them. something the equivalent of 2-3 fish oil/day. or TheraTears Omega 3 Dry Eye nutrition capsules. Does not require a prescription. takes about 30 days to see help.  
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Thank you, will continue my regime. Am also doing the Thera tears lids wash. I am not wanting the tear plugs so will get results for allergies and increase my Omega 3 and wait for results on Restasis. Thank you.
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Best of luck Blondie
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