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Eye pressure

I am a 21 year old guy, no known eye conditions, retina all healthy. I just got back from a routine eye exam, at a optometrist, they used a eye pressure test with the puff machine where you rest your head on. My L eye was 20 and R eye was 22, I was already very nervous/scared before they did the pressure. She said she wasn't concerned at all, as quote ''you also have quite thick corneas'' and stressed I shouldn't be alarmed. But I am, I'm so worried? I'm going to go see a ophthalmologist, but until then should I be concerned.
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Do see an eye MD ophthalmologist at the training and skills are superior.  The 'puff tonometer" is not as accurate as the Goldman applanating tonometer or the hand tonopen.   With thick corneas the true IOP is lower than the measured IOP while just the opposite in thin corneas. Normal thickness about 555 micron no adjustment need to be made. If you were squeezing or uncomfortable that could also raise IOP.
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Thnakyou, yes I was uncomfortable days leading up to the exam, let alone being very anxious at the moment the puff hit me (I blinked each time if that is normal). I actually gave it 5 minutes and asked, could we repeat the puff test and infact each eye dropped by 1. So my questions to you are 1) Does this pressure/circumstance alert you, considering  thick corneas. 2) is it possible the goldmann would show higher or would it always show the same/lower. and finally... should I be concerned about this, have you met these circumstances before with someone my age/thick cornea and resulting in the same instance?
I thicker than normal cornea is a good thing. Less likely to get glaucoma.  Like blood pressure the IOP test is subject to a variety of confounding errors. I wouldn't worry too much but see the ophthalmologist for reassurance.  
Thankyou, if my IOP was indeed above average, at my age - does this suspect glaucoma?
In terms of optic damage, would this have been visible in my retina pictures or no. - thanks if you can answer
Not necessarily.
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