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Is my eye got rebound hyperemia (photo)?

2 months ago, I found that I have a red vein in my eye (first picture) so I went to visit the doctor and she gave me Naphcon-A. She suggested using 3 times a day for 1 month. I compared my eye before and after (second picture) using the Naphcon-A and it's redder. Then I googled and found out something called rebound hyperemia. Now I have cold turkey for 1 week and I still have a bloodshot in my eye. Is this bloodshot caused by allergic or rebound hyperemia?


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First veins on the surface of the eye are normal just like everywhere else in the body.  Yours looks like a normal vein. If the vein is new you need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist  for a dilated medical exam just to be sure their is no inflammation within the eye or mass lesion.  If that is negative i would move on and ignore it. There is a new eye drop for whitening eyes that does not have 'rebound redness or rebound hyperemia" and that is called 'Lumify"  
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Thank you for your response, My first concern is the biggest vein in the before photo but now I understand that it is normal. Right now, My concern is the red tiny vessels around the brown eye that doesn't appear in the before picture but appear in the after picture. Is this daamge from rebound hyperemia or other things else ?
If this is rebound hyperemia,  I'm quiting cold turkey. How long will my eye be like the before picture. Thank you
No way to say.  Usually 2-4 weeks for rebound redness. Your eyes look less red than half the people I see in my office.
LOL. Thank you Doctor
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