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Lights streak down when I blink

When I look at some thing bright like a lamp, phone or a window on a sunny day I noticed when I blink or kind of close my eyes a bit the light from the light source streaks down. Could this be light reflecting off my eye lashes? I asked my father who I was with if he notices the same thing and he said nope. I don’t have a astigmatism so Im wondering why this is  happening ? Thanks
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I also notice my left eye always feels heav and hurts. it
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That requires a full medical exam by Eye MD ophthalmologist.  Way too many causes to offer useful information
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Sorry I’m typing on phone I didn’t mean to send that comment like that. My left eye also feels heavy, always has a dull ache behind and around it and it is a bit more blurry than my right especially if I take my glasses off, it also has vertical double vision. I also looked in the mirror today  and my left eyes pupil was noticeably larger than my right.  Could this also be a cause of light sources streaking down when I blink? I got my license and my first car a cool ford thunderbird a few months ago  but I don’t drive my car anymore as my depth perception seems like it sucks and I feel like I’m a danger to people on the road.
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Your vision being blurry and some doubling without glasses is not a problem if it goes away with putting glasses on. However the difference in the size of the pupils, especially if you look at good facial photos taken a year or two ago and they were equal in size is VERY concerning.  NOTE: there are some things that can dilate eye, certain eye drops for allergy if used only in one eye,  using a prescription eye drop with red top.      The additional information is quite concerning and a medical eye exam by an ophthalmologist is mandatory.  Do not see an optometrist as this is beyond their skills.   VERY IMPORTANT:  To get the benefit of your first exam.  Take in some photos, or photo on iPhone taken 2 or more years ago that clearly show your face and eyes. They should be good enough to determine if your pupils were same size in past.  That is very important. SECOND: do not let the technician put any drops in your eye till the Eye MD ophthalmologist comes in the room and measures the size of your pupils and tests your eye muscles and checks eyelid position.   If possible if the pupil is dilated all the time or just some of the time have someone take a close up photo of your face to document.  This should be done without flash and with you looking as far away as possible (like out the window or down a long hall). Don't look at the camera. They can take it slightly off to the side. VIP you follow through.
Thanks for the response I just found out something crazy though. my glasses prescription for my left eye was messed I found this out by putting my old prescription glasses  over top of  my new one. Doing that Improved my vision in my right EyE a bit and a ton in my left and made both my pupils equal size and made it so I see just as good out of either eye. I guess it was my glasses prescription for my left eye was way off. Though my left eye still feels a little funny. It’s not pain but just a weird almost numb feeling on the surface and when ever I touch my nose it looks like it’s on the right of my face instead of the middle. So I’m unsure if i still need to see a  opthomalogist still as it’s probably just a glasses prescription issue but if you still recommend I do I will.

P.S I’m so happy I can drive my car  and play video games again!!!
If you have unequal pupils yes you should see an ophthalmologist.  The glasses/blur etc are not concerning. Unequal pupils as a new finding is
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