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Sore, puffy, dry, red eyelids... Help needed, as my pharmascist is the definition of useless!

Apologiies in advance for this crazily long post- perhaps if I had forced my pharmacist to read all of this, he might have actually been helpful.....

For the last few weeks I have been suffering from incredibly sensitive eyes/eyelids which are red, dry and sore, similar to sunburn. I initially thought it was because of some cheap make-up remover wipes that I used to take off my mascara. Although I had been using them for a while, they soon started to sting and burn the area around my eyes whenever I used them. The use of any eye make-up other than mascara would result in a stinging sensation, which varied in terms of severity. Moisturiser and even baby-lotion would burn my skin. Since then however, I have been using some Garnier make-up wipes, made for sensitive skin and the problem seemed to get a bit better, although eyeshadow was still strictly off-limits. But then, last Sunday, my eyes had gone back to their previous state, of being very red and sore. I hadn't worn any make-up or used any products on or near my eyes at all on Sunday, so I'm confused as to what caused it to return.

On Monday and Tuesday, several people commented on the state of my eyes, especially the right one, which seemed to be in a worse condition. My eyelids were dry and painful to touch, especially in the corner and it was continuously weeping, until yesterday afternoon when it seemed to heal up to the point where it looked sore, but no longer felt it.

And then today- my awful eyes are worse than ever. While my actual eyes are fine, my eyelids are large,  puffy and as per usual- RED. My left one was expectionally bad, where it was almost hard to keep open. Since the day has gone on, they've somewhat improved, although they remain puffy and red.

One more thing- it may or may not be related but yesterday morning I woke up with a dry, red, sore patch of skin around the left corner of my mouth. When covered up with makeup, it's not so bad, but still notciable and sometimes itchy. I put on some E45 cream today, as I thought this would help, but I think it made it worse as it started stinging and burning almost immediatley. I never had this before, only since the problem has returned to my eyelids. Related, perhaps?

What is going on with my evil, crazy eyes?! I look awful, as I'm very pale and the contrast between my pale face with the random red patch near my mouth and my dry, puffy eyelids makes me resemble something out of a horror film... :( Any ideas of what the problem could be or how to fix it? Or has anyone else suffered similar symptoms? All help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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i seem to have the exact same thing that alex described! back in january i woke up and one eyelid was huge and swollen. i thought it was just an allergic reaction as sometimes i got that in the mornings. but it was still there the next day. i stopped wearing any make up just in case i was allergic to it. my eyelid was really red and very dry. then it spread to my other eye.
i have had this problem for 4 months now and nothing i do seems to make it go away. my mother is convinced it's stress related as i have had a lot of exams to deal with recently, but no matter how much i try to relax, no matter if i moisturise daily and wear absolutley no make up, my eyes remain red, sore and very itchy.
its so ugly! i have loads of wrinkles under my eyes where i have swollen up so many times and been rubbing my eyes. my eyebrows are thinning because i keep rubbing them (though i try so hard not to!) and i feel rubbish. i went to a GP about it and he gave me some antihistamines which haven't done anything, and some hydrocortisone, but because its on my eyes i can't put it on for more than a week. its obvious that it hasn't been very effective!
i have noticed that salt water seems to make the problem worse. for example when i sweat or cry, my eyes sting really badly.
please! does anyone know what could help me?
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I have just developed the same thing. it started in march, thought it was too much studying, eye cremes ect.

I am also in Canada so that rules out that chemical you have in your products that starts with M since we don't have it here but we do have this puffy eye syndrome, redness, stinging, sunburning feeling. Mine are also peeling.

Don't know what to do either. Your posts let me know that I am in for a run around. Thanks for the heads up.

Glad you posted,

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My MD just switched me from Alrex to Optivar drops (a non-steroid antihistamine).  Maybe you can ask your MD about using that.
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Hi, I have lower lid problem since January 2009. Both lower lids become puffy, a little bit itchy, red and visibly dry. I went to ophthalmologist and was prescribed Tobradex (antibiotic/corticosteroid). This medication helped after I used it for a couple of weeks. I stopped using it, and everything was fine for a while, my lower eyelids were back to normal, without that awful wrinkles and puffiness and redness. But in about 10-14 days the problem started again. I again used Tobradex for about 3-4 days. Everything went back to normal, but all the symptoms are back once more. I don't use cosmetics, except for a facial cream (which I don't apply near the eyes) and an eye cream (Clinique), which I stopped using once I got this problem. I wash my face with cold or warm water only. Please help, I don't want using Tobradex forever. I'm also wearing contacts and it's not an option for me to stop wearing them.
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Two days ago, I noticed a sore under my right eyelid...lids are puffy and red and hurt. I went to my eye doctor yesterday...didn't wait...she said i had a clogged eye duct, She gave me  steroid eye drops to take 3x daily. She told me to put hot compresses on it 2x daily. I was told that it may take a few weeks to heal. I searched the problem and it appears that infants have this...is this really what I have? It hurts.....Please help. Never had problems with eyes...I am 61.
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I have been searching for some kind of answer to my eyelid problem which sounds very similar to all of your guys' problems. What seems to continually be dismissed by any of my doctors is that it is NOT my eye, but rather my EYELID.
I am 34 and I woke up one day with a huge puffy, red, stinging, burning eyelid. My initial thought was allergies as I do suffer from them, but no antihistamines have worked. It normally lasts 4-6 days at a time but the strangest thing is that when the welling finally goes away, my eyelids actually get almost scabby and start pealing. It burns and is miserable. There seems to be no consistent behavior that brings it on either.
I went to a homeopathic doctor who told me it was perhaps hormonal. I had blood tests which were fine as well. I have kept food, activity and medication logs for 3 months and there seems to be no correlation to any of it. I am starting to really freak out that there is something serious going on and no doctors want to take the time to figure it out.
I am starting to wonder if perhaps this is a side effect of some kind of mold I cant see. I need a "Dr.House"....is anyone out there that help us poor women.
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