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Starburst in both eyes. Is it computer vision syndrome?


1.5 years ago I was at my ophthalmologist at normal control (I wear glasses, I go to control every 5 years). She did the tests (letter reading and that test when I put my chin on some device and she look my eyes through that device), everything was fine. My diopter got a little higher, I bought new glasses for that. Around that time I had some small trouble sometimes with eye tiredness and sometimes when looking object with a lot of small detail I need some 1second time for my focus to sharpen image. I didn't mention this to ophthalmologist.

With time that problem begin to bother me more, reading some forum and googing I realized that I also in car light can see starburst (light is brighter and around light centre there are many lines). I think my problem is caused by computer vision syndrome, I spend a lot of time on computers, tablet, mobile phones ( especially at night when mobile phone is only source of light), usually 8 hours at work and then continue that at home. Example for those who don't know what is starburst:


Are my symptoms that I have dangerous (eye tiredness - sometimes, problem with focus on object with a lot of small details - sometimes, starburst)? I have ophthalmologist meeting for 6 months.

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What is your age? If you are in your 40's much of your problem could be explained by presbyopia or near focus problem due to aging.  You need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist for complete medical exam with dilation and glasses test (refraction).  Not likely that CVS would account for all your symptoms.
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Thank you for answer good doctor. I have 29 years. So my symptoms aren't dangeorus, nothing like cataract or glaucom (I mostly stumble upon that term while googling)?

While waiting for my opthamologist control for six months I started to do this eye exercises:


plus I started rule 20-20-20, every 20mn I look at some object 20meters away for 20 seconds.

Would that help this situation?
Those exercises are worthless. Not sure what the qualifications of the guy in purple scrubs.  The eye muscles are not like skeletal muscles (biceps, tricepts, etc)   which do respond to exercise and get stronger. The eye muscles are different type and have 20 times the strength needed to move the eye.  There is an eye problem called convergence insuffiency where eyes tire with prolonged reading. Sometimes 'convergence exercises" often called 'pencil push-ups" help

The treatment for using computer is that the blink rate goes down with computer, any video screen or TV.  What we teach is called 10/10/10 rule   every 10 minutes look 10 feet away or further and blink firmly 10 times.   You can move the numbers a little up if you want. What the does is moisten the eye and stretch the focus muscle. Video screen use and reading slow the blink rate dramatically and the eyes dry.
OK, I will try those 'pencil push-ups" exercise and rule 10/10/10. Also I will try to reduce time on computers and for some period and try to walk more in nature.

So this symptoms are nothing dangerous - eye threat, no need to turn on red light, just wait my opthamologist control for six months?
Forgot to ask, can Vitamin A 1000IU and vitamin E 200IU  help? Any use of them? I read they are good for eye health. I ordered them before this discussion.
Eat a good diet, lots of vegetables, cut out the carbs/sugar. Forget the vitamins. Nothing you have posted seems 'dangerous"
ok, thank you doctor, regards
Best to you. Eat well, live long, see great.
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