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Why does one eye water more than usual?

I am a 67-yesr-old woman. My left eye has been watering for over a month and I have very blurry vision in that eye, There is no redness, swelling or other discomfort. The watering is intermittent, but when it does, it's a waterfall. I finally want to an ophthalmologist. His staff did some tests and after all that he said to put warm packs on my eye for 5 minutes every morning, then gently massage the eyelid. He also gave me some Systane drops - one drop in the morning. It's been a week now and I have not seen any improvement. When I called his office, I get an answering machine and so far no one has returned my call. I wanted to know how long until I can expect relief with this conservative treatment.
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I would look for another ophthalmologist. If that was the problem you should be much better. You need to be sure you do not have an eye lid problem, a blocked tear duct or a cornea problem.
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I have an appointment in 3 weeks for a follow-up. Perhaps that is why my call wasn't returned, he might figure he will see me then. If I don't get any satisfaction, I will look for another doctor, if I can find any around here taking new patients. I might mention that the ophthalmologist I have been seeing regularly sold the practice and it is now under new management with a different doctor. This was the first time I was seen by the new doctor. It surprised me when I arrived and found this out.
I can't be more specific about your problem.  In our office we return all calls from patients and doctors office same day. If it gets a lot worse insist on being seen sooner.
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