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microscope use with iol, one-eye presbyopia

I have an unusual question:
I will be needing cataract surgery in the very near future for a cataract in the right eye only. Being young (25), with the left eye being only slightly myopic, I can see this presbyopia becoming an issue if I avoid the apparently problematic multifocals-. Do people do one-eye bifocal glasses?

Also, I'm planning on going to med school in the coming year. If I need to use a stereo microscope, would a monofocal iol set for distance in the bad eye be problematic?
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I found the most experienced crystallens surgeon in my area, and after exams, was told my eye was not the right shape for the current lens. (too long, I believe)
Do you know if they plan to make any more different versions to accomodate a wider variety of eye sizes? He said my best option in my circumstances is to use a toric lens instead. The cataract is in the non-dominant eye. How does the tuning for intermediate vision" work?
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Is the newest Crystalens square-edged? I would really like to avoid pco and yag due to previous retinal detachment
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I have a similar situation, what is your choice now?
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I answered this question about 7 hours ago and it is missing.

I would recommend a crystalens.  I have a few patients in the early 30 with Crystalens.  The last patient I did had a unilateral cataract and was 34 or 35.  He ended up seeing 20/20 to 20/15 for distance and about 20/30 for near.

Find an experienced Crystalens doctor who will also manage your post operative care and not delegate it to an optometrist.

Dr. O.

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