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rejection of lens and irregular eye shape

I am trying to post this question and if it appears more that once I am sorry.  I had cataract surgery 10/2013 and that was a multi focal lens, I had that removed in 5/2014 and the second one done in June 2013.  My eyes are still very uncomfortable.  blurry tearing and mattering.  I am very frustrated and have tried various drops, cold, warm, and have seen several specialists.  My right eye has not stabilized as well and so I can not get a eye glass prescription that works.  I could see far better before my surgery with glasses.  now I can see better without glasses but that is only under certain conditions.   The specialist did a deep scan and said he believes (55%) certain that my eye structure is irregular and that is making my cornea shape irregular.  He does not think scraping the cornea will solve the problem.  he will do that if I want to try but suggests a hard contact lens as the most likely solution.  My eyes are so irritated I am afraid that will be a problem.  I have an appointment this next week to give that a try.  My question has anyone heard of rejection by someones eyes of the artificial lens implant?   and has anyone heard of and irregular "eye structure" that causes the cornea to be irregular?   I need some solutions, and feeling very desperate dealing with this.  
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I know that a lot of people complain about irritated eyes afterwards. I know that one thing they don't tell you and that doctors may even deny is that the incision they make during the cataract surgery severs corneal nerves, just like LASIK does. It can cause dry eye, which can be persistent and cause varied symptoms. I've heard everything from sand or broken glass in the eyes, to persistent and constant searing eye pain, headaches, blurry vision, shifting prescriptions, lids being stuck shut, burning like when you get soap in your eyes, almost anything you can imagine really. It can also be chronic and very difficult to treat. (The drops they give you don't work, and some of them cause irritation and can actually make you more uncomfortable.) I have it myself, and I used to worry that the pain was actually the implant being pushed out of my eye when I tried to focus until I figured out what was going on.
Have you tried getting some refresh plus drops (not tears, but plus, the kind that come in little plastic vials.) And taking a drop every 10 minutes or so for an hour to see if it helps? Your problem does sound more complex than simple dry eye, but its definitely something to try.

There are many "irregular eye structures" causing irregular corneas, and then there are just irregular corneas. There is a condition called kerataconus, which can cause your cornea to become increasingly more irregular. This usually (but not always) happens to people in there 20's though. Then there are a whole bunch of corneal irregularities that simply appear in the general population and are on the spectrum of normal and aren't hurting anything. There's forme fruste kerataconus which means their cornea shows some features of kerataconus but they have no issues whatsoever caused by this. My corneas are irregular in the back only. Other than meaning that the more conservative doctors wouldn't do lasik on me and would opt for PRK, this has no effect on me or my vision whatsoever. I  have very flat corneas. My friends corneas are so steep they actually visibly jut out. There is a tremendous amount of variability among people and irregular can still be normal.

Another consideration is this- during the cataract surgery they must cut an opening in the front of your eye, its round, and its usually between 4-6mm in diameter. Its made in addition to the incision site that the implant goes through. I can still see mine in the mirror when I look carefully, although its REALLY hard to see now. I only know it was done and where it is because I have a video of my surgeries, I could see a fairly large clear circle of tissue being cut and then removed like the top of a can. They don't really describe the whole process to you. That piece they remove leaves the center of your iris unsupported, which can cause the iris and cornea to bulge forward a little bit which can cause a slightly irregular shape. Its not really considered a problem, but it could have caused the irregularity that your doctor diagnosed. So, before you go crazy  scraping your cornea or who only knows what...

Rigid Gas Permeable contacts will flatten your cornea. If this is causing your problem, they will fix it. Now, to be honest they are horrifically uncomfortable. I cannot wear them due to my dry eye, they actually fog up. But there are other options you could try long term if they don't work. (hybrid contacts, intacs, corneal crosslinking w or w/o PRK) The first thing you should do is TRY the RGP contacts to see if they correct your vision. If they don't help, then what the doctor saw is not causing your problem. Your eyes can be irregular without it causing a problem. If they do help, then you know that your vision is a mess because your cornea is irregular and you can figure out what to do from there.

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Thank you for replying to my post, I was not aware of the removing a portion part of eye like a can lid during surgery.  I do wish I had a video of my surgery's to see what they had done.  The first surgery was  to implant a multi focal lens, that left me almost feeling blind, I vaguely remember something troubling me during that surgery and I think I even expressed concern for my eye, but I was so drugged, and I do not have the video you have.  I had that removed by a different surgeon and a regular lens implanted.  They warned me that could cause complications. That seemed to go well, and I had the second eye also done 2 weeks later last June.  My eyes have not felt good since the first surgery however.  I had the laser procedure last September because I was told both lens capsules had clouded again.  Following that in October I  was prescribed Restatis  and I used that for 5 months, until I developed an allergy to that.  I have been using the refresh and have used the vials.  I have found Systane seems to help the most right now.  All along I have been told my cornea was irregular and it would heal in time.  The last Doctor told me the reason my cornea is irregular is "for some reason" my eye structure, which is like the foundation under my cornea is irregular, and my cornea is taking that shape.  He can not explain that irregular condition.  He said only a "hard" contact would work, when I asked if it would reshape my cornea, his opinion was that it would not, since my eye shape is the reason for the irregular cornea.  He believes the moisture in my eye will fill in the irregular cornea shape, only while and if I can tolerate it.  I was awake at 5 AM this morning because I have my appointment today and  am dreading even beginning this.  I will certainly be asking about the part you have seen them do with your surgery.  
I know you can relate to the fact that having problems with ones eyes is  a very trying thing.  Sleeping is the only way to get relief from it.  And I am not a day sleeper, resting with my eyes shut helps some.  I did discover a new eye "pack" that is for dry eyes.  It is heated in the Microwave for 20 seconds and used for 2 minute treatments.  That has seemed to give me some relief, I found mine at Walmart but they most likely can be found at other drug stores too.  I was using cold, but this seems to work better.  So I have the discomfort and the vision issues I am trying to find answers for.  Sorry this is so long. You did not say when you had your surgery and how long you have been suffering with your uncomfortable eyes.  Have you found any relief?  Take care and let me know how you are doing.
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update on eye problems:   after being told by a very qualified ophthalmologist that the actual structure of my eye is irregular, and the cornea forms around that structure,  as a foundation so to speak, the solution is a hard contact lens to create a smooth surface.  I have tried these twice in the Dr. office and they are so noticeably there.  I would not say pain, but discomfort.  My question is whether this is something that wearing long term I would get "used to" or for those who wear these kinds of contacts, Is this the way they always feel?  They tried various soft lenses too.  My vision was not improved with those enough to bother with them.  So now I know I can improve my vision, but need to know if this would be an option because of the awareness of the object in my eye?  I would like to hear from anyone with this condition and how they have solve the problem for their vision and wearing hard contacts.   Thank you.
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